hatha yoga trainingBy Kimaya Singh

Studio ownership is not for every yoga teacher, but to others it becomes a deep desire. Some people want to make a go of it and have a business plan. Other teachers have no desire to take on the responsibilities of ownership. In order to run a studio, you have to know what attracts students.

What are Students Looking for in a Yoga Studio?

It is hard work to keep a yoga studio running. Not only do you have to be a good teacher, but also you have to make smart decisions about the studio itself to make it successful. Even if you are the best yoga instructor in the world, you will not find great success unless you make your studio the type of place that people are drawn towards. To help you out, consider these important factors when you are planning your yoga studio.


Like many things in life, location is crucial in determining the success or failure of your yoga studio. Your yoga studio should be in a hip neighborhood. You don’t want it to be in an area that students feel uncomfortable visiting. You should try to locate your studio among other businesses that people who enjoy yoga will frequent. Places like coffee shops, natural food stores and juice bars are all good neighbors for yoga studios.


As previously mentioned, hard work is a critical factor in a yoga studio’s success. If you want your yoga studio to survive, you will have to be open long hours to give your students as many opportunities as possible to attend class. This means that you need to open early in the morning so students can come in before work.

You definitely need to have classes over lunch hour. Also, try to stay open until 10 in the evening so that busy folks can make it in for a late session. Don’t forget that the weekends are important as well. You will need other instructors to teach some of these classes, but you should try to be in the studio yourself as much as possible.

A Beautiful Space

The interior space is the most important part of your building. The exterior should be welcoming, but the interior is the most important thing to focus on. You should have lovely wooden floors that give off a feeling of warmth and natural beauty. Make sure to incorporate as much natural light as possible into the studio. Large windows and light shafts are ideal tools for this purpose.

You need to keep the studio heated during cold seasons to make it feel good and to keep students muscles loose. A changing room and showers will be a nice draw that many other studios are lacking. When you provide the extras that students crave, you will help to ensure the future of your studio.

Making Your Yoga Studio the Best Choice

If you are the owner of a studio and you want to make it the best choice in town for all yoga enthusiasts, doing so is possible by spending a bit of time shaping your business model and even remodeling the actual studio itself. The more time and effort you put in to creating a yoga studio that truly stands out, the easier it is to build and retain a clientele that is sure to be satisfied with the services you have to offer.

Offer a Range of Classes

Offering a range of yoga classes from beginner courses to advanced yoga is an ideal way to set you apart from potential competitors near you and also in the industry. Providing different classes each day of the week will optimize the number of clients you have dropping in or signing up for specific classes based on their own personal schedules.

Provide Individual Time With Students

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