Aura Wellness Yoga Studios’ Testimonials – Yoga Instructor Training Programs

Located in the pages below, you will find testimonials from graduates of our Yoga Studios programs.  These graduates are from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, as well as a large variety of other countries.  You will find Yoga teachers who own their own studios, work at studios, wellness centers, gyms, spas, and corporate centers!


“For those aspiring Yoga Instructors who already have a full-time job, Aura online education is a perfect fit. Aura’s educational materials are first class, giving you a thorough, well-grounded education in Yoga. I highly recommend Aura.”
The attached photo was taken of me on the Great Wall of China.
Thank you again,


Hello Paul and Happy New Year!
I trust this email finds you enjoying life/practice/work to its fullest!
I do apologize for the late follow up to my final exam papers being mailed to me here in Ottawa. I have been busy continuing my Yoga studies with the completion of Radiant Child Teacher Training(beautiful!) and have been and will continue to work with Blue Bamboo Yoga studios here in Kanata Ontario(just west of downtown Ottawa)…
I truly enjoyed the study materials/guides/newsletters during my immersion into yoga study…the journey has just begun! Your distance study courses allowed me to start the study part of my training to happen while I lived overseas in a country where no Yoga Institutes existed…THANK YOU! you and your team do offer great options as many stay at home mom’s like myself cannot and will not take the 4 to 6 weeks to leave house and home to do yoga study.
I look forward to reading the Aura Wellness letters that always prove to have articles of interest, and continue to educate and enlighten!
Certified Yoga Teacher

Merci Beaucoup

Emily Smith

Hello Paul,
Happy New Year and sorry to have taken so long to get back to you!
I completed the 240 hour teacher training program and want to express my appreciation
for the organization of the program. The curriculum included a wide selection of useful and significant texts, the essay questions were open ended enough to give me some creative license but specific enough to keep me moving toward a concise understanding of yoga`s broad reaching relevance for our health, well being and personal development.
I was grateful for the timely and considerate support and guidance I received from the Aura Wellness Center. Making a DVD of my classes was a blast! I had never considered this option and the requirement definitely got me up to speed!
Yoga continues to be a daily positive force in my life, both personally and business wise.
Of course on-going education is imperative for our development so any opportunity to settle down and get focused is welcome.
I highly recommend this or any course offered at Aura Wellness, their hearts are in the right place!
Emily Smith
Holistic Health Tsukuba
Acupuncture, Massage, Moxibustion and Yoga Studio
Tsukuba City, Japan

Yvonne M. House

Thank you for the wonderful Vinyasa yoga teacher training program. I was truly amazed with all the available learning resources that were provided with the training. I didn’t know what to expect. The course was well put together and the cost for the training was affordable.
I really enjoyed the course because I was able to do and complete at my own pace considering working full time and also teaching yoga class. My emails that I had sent to you were always answered promptly, which is very nice and appreciated.
I highly recommend this program and Aura Wellness Center to anyone who wishes to pursue yoga teaching and to further their yoga studies. I love sharing and inspiring the gift of yoga. What an incredible journey it has been.
In light and love,
Yvonne M. House
Payson, AZ
Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
RYT E-200