Aura Wellness Yoga Studios’ Testimonials – Yoga Instructor Training Programs

Located in the pages below, you will find testimonials from graduates of our Yoga Studios programs.  These graduates are from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, as well as a large variety of other countries.  You will find Yoga teachers who own their own studios, work at studios, wellness centers, gyms, spas, and corporate centers!

Dora Szabo

Dear Paul,
Thank you for guiding me along the process of becoming a certified Yoga instructor – I have thoroughly enjoyed your distance learning program. I found the training material very well put together and comprehensive. I also appreciated your round-the-clock support in all the questions that came up throughout the learning process. I would gladly recommend your TTC program to anyone seeking to deepen their practical and theoretical knowledge of Yoga who enjoy independent study and are self-starters.
Having received my diploma was an important step for me in becoming a Yoga instructor. At the same time, I feel this is the beginning of a long journey and I am certainly looking forward to sharing more of that journey with you and the Aura Yoga Teacher community in the future.
Thank you once again for your availability and professional support.
Dora Szabo
Certified Yoga Instructor
Budapest, Hungary

Kim Wright


“Overall, a fabulous training program,
AURA Yoga Institute is comprehensive and offers a good balance of didactic and practical training. The training program provides to the teacher with the tools necessary to begin a career as a yoga teacher. Upon completion of the program, I felt well prepared and qualified to begin teaching yoga. I have also received positive feedback from my students regarding my skills as a yoga teacher. The AURA YOGA training program gave me the tools to be a successful and competent yoga teacher “.
Thanks MASTER PAUL AND MARIE for your support during the training and after became a Teacher.

Merci Beaucoup

DeVona Seymour

Dear Paul,
I received my certificate and am so thrilled to be a certified yoga instructor. I want to thank you for being so positive and encouraging during my training. You always answered my e-mails quickly, and I appreciate all of the comments that you included.

I want to tell anyone who is considering becoming a yoga teacher to look no further than Aura Wellness Center. The material included in the “camp in a box” is excellent and easy to understand. There is no part of yoga that is not discussed in the program. It is perfect for people like me who had to continue working while training. I started the program in August 2009 and had my certification in April 2010, so you can see I did not rush through it. Paul is an encouraging and uplifting teacher. I am 65 years old, and my first question to him was “am I too old to become a yoga instructor?” He instantly told me that I was not too old, and to go for it. It has been an amazing experience. I have since retired from my job and opened the only yoga studio in Elk City, OK. My studio is called “Golden Girls Yoga” and it is for “young ladies over 50”. I teach for a couple of hours three days a week, and the response has been great.

I just want to encourage anyone who loves yoga and is interested in becoming an instructor to consider Aura Wellness Center. I promise you that you will not be disappointed in the program
DeVona Seymour
Golden Girls Yoga
Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Andrée Blouin

The Yoga in a box program was perfect for my needs. I truly enjoyed all the components of the course. Paul was always quick to answer all my questions and welcoming to new ideas. Therefore, I was able to explore the integration of Crystal Signing Bowls in a Hatha yoga practice. It is with passion and great honour that I will begin the journey of teaching and sharing the wonderful gifts of yoga, without ever ceasing to learn. I would be pleased to take further courses from the Aura Center.
Andrée Blouin
Certified Yoga Teacher
Calgary, Alberta, Canada