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Yoga Training to Activate the Pituitary Gland

Kundalini Yoga recommends meditation for opening the Sixth Chakra while “Yoga Journal” provides a series of poses designed to stimulate the pituitary gland. These include the following list of Yoga postures.

What is the Yoga Vasistha?

The Yoga Vasistha also offers a Yogi or Yogini advice on how to act in accordance with the divine laws of Vedantic philosophy while living in the world. The Yoga Vasistha is viewed as a manual for living a dharmic, divine and uplifting life outside of an ashram, monastery or Himalayan cave. In other words, as a "house-holder."

Yoga Poses for Snowboarders: Warming Up for the Day

As you continue to breath, feel the rooting of your left foot into the floor. When you are ready, you can lean forward over the end of your Yoga mat and "fly" like an Eagle. This is a great posture for practicing balancing skills. This Yoga posture will also strengthen your quadriceps.

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