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Yoga for golfers has a proven track record for improving your posture, which controls your swing because flexibility and stance can dramatically affect your game. These yoga techniques can help prevent golf injuries and even help the golfer recover from injuries sooner. Yoga for golfers can be practiced year-round to help you keep your edge.

To start this session, begin in the Down-Dog position where you are on your hands and knees. This is your relaxed position where you will clear your mind of all negative thoughts that clog your creative mind, which can eventually affect your health. Breathe in deep then slowly exhale this is a great exercise for your lungs. Breathing techniques can strengthen your lungs and increase the air capacity. Do this for one minute. After this, practice breathing through your nose only during your yoga routines.


Now from the Down-Dog position bring the left knee forward keeping the left knee straight up and the left foot is flat on the floor. This is called the Lunge Position. In his position you want the knee straight up and down not to extend beyond the toes. Now begin to gently rock forward then back, but not side to side as this could cause uneven joint movement that may cause problems later on. Do this for about ten repetitions for beginners. As you become more comfortable with this routine, you may want to increase the repetitions. The idea is not to put too much pressure on the ligaments, just enough to flex them. This is great for the posture and swing, which may help to prevent golf injuries.

Now with your left knee still in the upright or Lunge Position, place both hands side by side and next to your left foot and begin to walk your foot left to right in a swing motion. Your foot will actually move in a wiggle fashion with your hands supporting you as you make this swing. Practice your breathing by inhaling into the diaphragm with this routine.

Move back to the Lunge Position and rock back where your left foot is pointing to the ceiling and your heel is on the floor in a Hamstring Position, now rock back to the front. Repeat this routine until you feel the level of intensity that is comfortable for you. Just don’t overdo it. As you start to feel a little looser you may want to increase these routines.


Still working with the left side in the Lunge Position, left the right leg so your right toes are flat on the floor, but fully supporting the right side. This means your heel is facing the ceiling. Now if this position is too much, then keep the right knee on the floor or workout mat. This routine may take time to work into; although you are still getting great benefits, but just not as much.

Next while in this position, place your forehead on the floor, but again if this routine to too much for you, just back out and slowly incorporate it into your full regimen of yoga routines as you feel comfortable. Slowing left yourself up using your arms to support yourself, repeating this exercise to a level of your intensity tolerance. There are no rules just relaxing yoga exercises that are proven to work with your golf game using strength, breathing and agility.

Now switch to the right side and go through all the routines. As you may know, you do not have to keep these routines in the order as demonstrated; you can break them up as you feel. As I’ve said, there are no rules. All these techniques are great for improving your golf swing, focus, balance, endurance and for an overall successful game of golf.

Your breathing is a major part of your workouts and your game as well including focus and concentration. You only need to practice these yoga exercises two to three times a week for an improved and invigorating game of golf, which also can help recover from injuries.


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