vinyasa yoga instructor certification programBy Faye Martins

How can yoga improve heart health. In recent years, yoga has become one of the most popular ways to stay fit in the modern world. Yoga originated, in India, as a form of physical and mental health maintenance, in hopes of attaining total peace. However, you do not have to be a guru to experience the many health benefits of a yoga routine.

The modern lifestyle is often far from healthy. From the foods we eat, to the activities we take part in, many people eventually suffer from a heart-related illness. Luckily, the yoga trend is here to help.


Yoga And Heart Health

Yoga focuses on flexibility, breathing and heart rate. All of these things relate to heart health. The light exercise and stretching of a yoga routine have been known to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease. These activities exercise and strengthen the heart, lowering the chance of a heart attack in patients with existing heart problems.

Yoga is essentially the perfect exercise. Yoga teaches people to listen to their bodies, rather than some intense trainer who teaches from personal experiences. Every human body is unique and requires unique care. When you become more in tune with your body, you can avoid injury and still get the exercise you need to improve your heart health.

The Therapeutic Benefits Of Yoga

Patients, who suffer from a heart attack, will benefit greatly from yoga. Surgery helps in an immediate sense, but people with cardiovascular diseases must change their lifestyle if they expect to get better. Heart attack patients, who practice a regular yoga routine, are far less likely to experience another heart attack or develop any other heart problems. This is because yoga strengthens the heart and promotes physical fitness.


Practicing yoga and staying fit helps to lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar levels. There is no better preventative care when it comes to cardiovascular health. Yoga can be practiced through many levels of intensity. The young and the elderly, alike, can find a routine that works for them. A yoga instructor focuses on what individuals need. Patience is a major part of yoga, so there is no pressure to push yourself farther than you are willing to go.

Yoga Causes Change

The human body is a complex organism. Every little detail has an impact. Cardiovascular diseases are often cause by years of inactivity and poor dietary choices. Yoga is a great way for inactive people to gradually train their bodies and minds at a reasonable pace. Yoga reduces stress, which lowers blood pressure and helps patients to relax and stay focused. Try a yoga routine today and find out first hand how simple it can be to take control of your health.

Yoga Today for Heart Health