yoga teacher education for the subtle bodyBy Dr. R K S Rathore, Ph. D

There are seven main energy centers of yogic subtle body called Chakras, situated at fixed places parallel to our spine. Each chakra has certain qualities and association. Just as the state of our physical health depends on our habits, so does the state of our chakra balance. If we are regular yoga practicener our chakras are generally get balanced and the flow of cosmic energy through these chakras is smooth. Since the imbalance in the chakras is caused by emotional stress, you can evaluate the state of your chakras by symptoms reflected by the individual chakra for its balance or imbalance. There are yoga postures that help us get these chakras in balance. Each chakra has its shape, color, element, Beejakshar, Beej-mantra and decoration with petals. Let us describe these chakras one by one from base of spine to the top of our head.


Mooladhara chakra (Root Chakra): Located at the base of our spine in the coccyle region it is rectangular in shape and red in color. Its element is earth, beejakshara- LAM, Beejmantra- OUM BHU and decorated with four petals. Someone with good balance will be healthy, grounded, centered and strong. Its imbalance may reflect greed, carelessness, hyperactivity, obesity etc. The yoga posture that helps to open and balance it is SETUBANDHASANA (Bridge pose). After attaining the posture of Setubandhasana, concentrate on Mooladhara keeping in mind its shape, color, element and chant Beejakshara- LAM repeatedly without uttering any voice. For better results repeat this asana 2 to 3 times.

Svadhisthana Chakra (Sexual chakra): Located at the base of genital organ in the sacrum region, its shape is like crescent moon (Dwatiya-ka-chand) and orange in color. Its element is water, beejakshara- VAM, beejmantra- OUM BHUA and decorated with six petals. Someone with good balance of this chakra will be sexually well-adjusted and able to use creativity constructively. Symptoms of its imbalance are sexual addiction or promiscuity, sexual repression and infertility etc. The yoga posture that helps to open and balance this chakra is BHUJANGASANA (Cobra pose). Attain the final posture of Bhujangasana pressing your thighs on the ground and both arms bent from the elbows, gaze towards the sky and concentrate on Svadhisthana chakra remembering its shape, color, element and chant beejakshara –VAM like that of Mooladhara chakra.

When Svadhisthana chakra is activated the sadhaka (Yogi) becomes free from disease and acquires vibrant health. Feeling no fatigue, he becomes friendly and compassionate.


Manipura Chakra (Solar plexus): Located at the lumber region of spine, its shape is like a triangle and yellow in color. Its element is fire, beeja