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Can your local yoga instructor help you with solutions for back aches?  Back pain causes many people to suffer greatly, day after day. Although there are many causes of lower back aches, the result is often the same: pain, tenderness and irritability. When your back is sore, the pain often can’t be ignored. Many people spend thousands of dollars annually on painkillers to ease their discomfort. Yoga provides an easier and much cheaper way to erase the pain. If you suffer from chronic back pain, try yoga to strengthen and lengthen all of the body’s muscles. The results may surprise you.


A complete yoga practice involves breathing deeply, stretching all of the body’s muscles and relaxing the mind. When you suffer from chronic pain, it’s easy to let the pain take over. Yoga helps you release the pain from your mind as well as your body. Try sitting in a comfortable position and taking several deep breaths through the nose. Draw the air into your abdomen and allow it to fill your entire chest cavity as well. Breathe the air out while thinking positive thoughts, such as, “I have a strong, healthy back,” or, “My breath will ease my pain.” For maximum benefits, incorporate the breathing and mantras with a series of asanas. Below are postures to reduce discomfort in your lower back.

Downward Dog

This simple yoga pose will stretch all of the muscles in the back of the legs, allowing the lower back muscles to relax and release. Begin on all fours, placing your hands below the shoulders and then moving them forward several inches. Come up off of your knees, pushing your bottom up and back with the arms. Rest in this position with your feet flat on the floor about hip width apart. You can raise your heels up if there is discomfort in the legs. Push your hands into the yoga mat to provide stability. Hold for several deep breaths.



Cobra pose will help relieve lower back pain by improving posture and opening the chest. Lie flat on your stomach, placing your hands palm down next to your armpits. Tuck your elbows in so they point behind you. Keep the legs together, pressing the thighs and tops of the feet into the floor. Slowly push up with your arms, raising the chest off the floor. Keep the hips planted on the mat. Keep the shoulders down and elbows slightly bent. Lift and open the chest while pointing your chin up to the ceiling. Bring your elbows down to rest on the mat if the pose is too difficult to hold. Don’t forget to breathe.

Notes for Yoga Instructors and Students

There are many other asanas to choose from and the above-mentioned postures may not help everyone.  Among the postures, you would learn at aura Wellness Center are Triangle, Revolved Triangle, Half Downward Dog, Half Chair Pose, and Half Moon.  If you are a Yoga instructor, you need to modify these asanas for some of your students.  The reason being: Students who come into your classes for therapeutic needs are less likely to be flexible.  If you are a student, you need to find a competent yoga teacher who is not afraid to make physical adjustments.


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