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The cost of becoming a yoga instructor varies by the school and the qualifications required of instructors. To become a yoga teacher in specialized schools like Bikram or Iyengar can cost much more than training for certifications at other schools.

For example, Iyengar instructors must study Iyengar for three years before being eligible to begin training to be a level 1 Iyengar instructor. Even without factoring in the cost of those three years of classes, the certification program, which is two years for introductory level Iyengar, in addition to the cost of assessments and exams, the total expense can add up easily to more than $5,000. On the other hand, completing a 200-hour certified yoga teacher training by a reputable school could be done for less than $3,000 depending on the school you select.


Distance Learning Options

There are also distance-learning options from wellness centers and some fitness-based associations. While some who aspire to become yoga instructor may still hold onto traditional connections between guru and student, the cost of online or distance learning will cost you far less money. The average distance-learning yoga instructor course will cost you around $500.

Online yoga certification won’t require you to drive for hours, leave your children or take time off from work. Do you have an employer that would understand your passion and let you take months off? If your boss is that understanding, you already have an ideal job.

Determine the Right School

Since different types of yoga require different certifications, your first step in figuring out the cost will be in deciding what type of yoga you want to teach. My friend Ali grew up practicing various forms of yoga but fell in love with hot yoga in her mid-twenties. After doing some research, she decided it would be worth the $10,900 it costs to take the nine-week yoga teacher training “boot camp” out in California.

If, on the other hand, you prefer hatha or vinyasa, your total cost of this yoga certification, will likely cost much less. A check with the schools in your area can point you to schools that offer training that typically costs around $3,000. Different schools have different admissions guidelines, and you typically need to have practiced yoga for a certain amount of time before being considered eligible to apply to a teacher training program.


Time is Money

In your consideration of how much it costs to become a yoga instructor, don’t forget to factor in the cost of time. The nine-week yoga teacher training program that some hot yoga styles offer might cost more than the cost of four terms of Iyengar training, but the amount of time you commit to each school will vary. Some instructors teach part time, but others hope to make a living off teaching yoga, so be aware what a yoga teacher training program will cost in terms of income lost during process.

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