yoga instructor certificationBy Faye Martins

Is there a need for mommy and me yoga classes? Family life is often busy, hectic, and over-scheduled. Moms and dads are going off to work each day, taking turns ferrying the kids to day care, school, and other events. Children are often the first to feel the effects of all this rushing around. They miss their parents, and want nothing more than a little one-on-one attention. Moms who stay at home with their children also feel overwhelmed on occasion and can benefit from getting out of the house for a bit. Mommy and Me yoga classes are a great way for moms to reconnect with their kids, while gaining important physical and mental benefits for themselves.

Moms can begin taking their babies to yoga class as early as infancy. Women who have practiced yoga before just need a green light from their doctor after giving birth, which might be as soon as a few weeks. At this point, newborns can come along with mom to yoga class as observers. Babies enjoy gazing at their mom’s face, listening to the music, and looking at all the other sights and sounds of a yoga studio.


As babies grow into toddlers and become more mobile and active, Mommy and Me yoga class will change a bit. Classes for toddlers will be more interactive and include music, books, dancing, and singing to engage kids. As children grow, they will be able to start mimicking the actions of their moms. The idea is to let children participate and have fun, not to ensure they are executing poses with perfect form. Mommy and Me classes are a way to expose toddlers to the yoga environment, while fostering quality time with mom. In addition, moms get to release stress and anxiety, stretch and tone the entire body, gain confidence, and re-charge their batteries.

Preschool kids can also participate in Mommy and Me yoga classes. At this age, kids often have a natural curiosity and zest for life, making it a great age to introduce this lifelong activity. They will learn poses, breathing techniques, and yogic philosophies. Classes incorporate music, stories, songs, and dancing to make it fun and interesting for both kids and moms.


As children enter elementary school, they are most likely ready for their own yoga class. Many studios also offer Family Yoga as a way for the entire family to connect and have fun together.

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