500 hour yoga teacher training courseBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, YACEP

Why should any company have a need for corporate Yoga sessions? Yoga has been proven as an extremely effective way to relieve stress, strengthen the body and mind, and improve overall health. Those who practice Yoga, on a regular basis, understand just how powerful the effects can be. Over time, the body seems to crave the feelings of strength and limberness a Yoga session brings. Yoga also provides a feeling of peace and well-being to the mind. Employees with high stress levels can benefit greatly from regular Yoga routines. Employers who offer corporate Yoga will also see positive results, including higher productivity, fewer sick days, and a more positive attitude among employees.


Many corporate employees spend their entire day sitting in front of a computer screen. Over time, this causes problems within the body. Employees face issues like sore or injured backs, carpel tunnel syndrome, weight issues, or overall stiffness in the body. The body was not really designed to sit for that many hours in a row, and excessive sitting does have negative effects. Productivity, creativity, and motivation can also begin to waver as the day wears on. Yoga, and its associated breathing exercises, increase blood flow to the brain, which jump-starts the brain and gives it the necessary strength to finish the workday.


Corporate Yoga can take on a number of different forms. Often times, a company hires a certified Yoga instructor to lead a series of scheduled classes throughout the day or week. Yoga classes can be held in a board room, break room, or other common area. Some facilities have separate exercise and workout rooms available. Employees can then choose when to attend a Yoga class. Corporations, who are short on funds, but want to offer Yoga benefits to employees, can call in a certified Yoga teacher to give a seminar. Employees can learn some basic poses and their benefits. Then, employees can choose when to implement a Yoga break throughout the day.


Whether employees block out an hour at a time to practice Yoga, or opt for several five-minute breaks throughout the day, the benefits will begin to show. Yoga is rewarding to learn and practice. Yoga poses can be adapted to suit every person, without discrimination. Even employees, who are currently dealing with injuries or other health issues, can reap the benefits of Yoga. It makes sense to implement Yoga into the workplace.  With proper guidance, everyone can do it, and it requires little equipment. Yoga can bring any company’s employees the health and prosperity they deserve.

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