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There are a number of Yoga poses that will allow you to release pent-up anger, grief and jealousy, which will allow you to forgive your transgressors. We often hold painful and difficult experiences in our bodies and minds long past the time of their occurrence. This pain, trauma and negativity affects our physical and mental health negatively. Although many people believe that forgiving others for their hurtful, selfish or inconsiderate behavior is letting them off the hook, it actually frees us up from holding onto those negative thoughts and emotions. The holiday season can be a time of great celebration and exuberance. It can also be a time that reminds us of the loss of people we loved, betrayal by those closest to us, or any number of other painful experiences.


Yoga poses that help us to release this negativity will help to support our ability to forgive ourselves and others. Depending on our individual temperaments, we may hold anger, grief and loss in different areas of our bodies. Often, sadness and grief are evident in a collapsed chest cavity. Sexual betrayal or abuse frequently resides in the hips. Somatized anger is often held in the shoulder and neck regions of the body. Yoga poses that release tension in these areas will also provide us with the opportunity to release these toxic emotions and fill our being with the freedom of forgiveness. Fire Log Pose is a wonderful Yoga asana for releasing deep-seated tension in the hips.


Fire Log Pose

To practice Fire Log Pose, it is advisable to warm-up first with a series of Sun Salutations and standing Yoga poses. After you are warmed up, come to a seated position on your mat. You may wish to sit on a blanket for added support and comfort. When you are ready, bend your right leg in and place your shin perpendicular to the front of your Yoga mat. Place your left foot and lower leg directly on top of your right lower leg. Take a few deep breaths and feel the state of your body today. With your next exhale, slowly bend forward over your legs. Stop when you feel a good stretch. Hold this pose for several breaths. When you are ready, come up with your next inhale and repeat on the other side. After you have completed your practice of the posture, sit quietly and breathe into any residual tension. Release the tension each time you exhale.

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