yoga teacher trainingBy Bhavan Kumar

In an age filled with fast-paced technology, more people than ever are turning to spirituality for answers to the complex questions that face humanity.  As a result, Yoga – an ancient healing art that has been around for 5,000 years – has now reached the forefront in global popularity. Yoga is practiced almost everywhere around the world.

With classes being offered everywhere from traditional studios to retirement homes, there is also an increased demand for Yoga teachers. Teacher training programs, however, cost up to $15,000, have hidden fees, charge extra for study materials, and often require expensive travel and have inflexible schedules. The expenditure of time and money can be prohibitive to many who want to enter the field.

What if there was an online website where aspiring interns or veteran Yoga teachers could go to get high quality instruction for a little as $500 to $1000? What if that Yoga teacher instruction could be done on a flexible schedule at any place with internet access? Online study is friendly to your pocket book, the environment, the economy, and going green with Yoga teacher training online is a good idea for many of the following reasons.

• Yoga teacher training online is affordable and there are no hidden costs, no hidden fees, no hidden materials to buy (after you paid thousands of dollars), and no additional charges for help from instructors.

• Yoga teacher training online requires no time away from home or job – no missed salary, no babysitting expenses, and no costly travel.

• Tutoring is unlimited – either by phone or email.

• Access to a social media and a forum made up of teachers, students, interns, and other like-minded people from around the world is included for absolutely nothing.

• Training is done wherever and whenever the student wishes – whether that is in the comfort of home, on a break at work, or on the beach from an exotic island.

• Online Yoga study eliminates the waste of limited natural resources – such as expensive gasoline – and reduces pollution.

• Students have easy computer access to tutoring, instructional videos, step-by-step instructions, e-Book bonus materials, and any books, DVDs, and CDs are organized into one box.

Online Yoga certification requires seasoned trainers to write and teach the curriculum. From 200 hour Level 1 Yoga instructor certification courses for teaching the mainstream population to teaching prenatal classes to expectant mothers, online courses can provide initial certification or extra credentials to make teaching Yoga way of life.

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