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Yoga teachers should approach the corporate sector about Yoga exercise routines that can be practiced in office spaces.  There are specialist office and chair Yoga teacher training courses to meet this need.  Working in an office often requires sitting at a computer for long periods of time. This can cause backache and stiffness in the neck that can lead to tension headaches and discomfort in general. These discomforts will lead to decreased productivity and lessen the quality of your work and life.

You may have to go home and go straight to bed after a long day at work because you do not feel well. Incorporating Yoga into your daily work routine may help alleviate the tension and stress associated with work, while increasing muscle strength and flexibility.

There are many benefits from practicing office Yoga. A major benefit is that Yoga releases muscle tension and increases flexibility. This will lead to fewer tension headaches and less fatigue. You will experience less stress, depression, and anxiety, while being able to better focus on your work. You will also be pleasantly surprised at the positive changes you will feel from practicing pranayama in your office.

You will experience higher energy levels and your balance will improve. Yoga can be easily performed in the office because it doesn’t require great effort and is very relaxing. The required slow movement reduces the risk of injury as opposed to other types of exercise.

Office Yoga places emphasis on using techniques that develop strength and flexibility. Office Yoga also helps reduce the heart rate during periods of rest. This can help you to remain calm and relieve anxiety. The practice of Yoga also increases your ability to concentrate.

Yoga clears your mind and improves memory. If you suffer from aches and pains brought on by sitting in the same position for several hours a day, office Yoga can help relieve the pain. You may even begin to notice that the pain has disappeared completely.

Yoga can also have a positive effect on the immune system so you may notice that you get sick less often. Yoga is non-competitive and techniques involved require a certain amount of study and concentration. As a result, you are able to focus on your inner self.

Before you begin office Yoga exercises, you should focus on controlling your breathing. Take deep, slow breaths in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth if you have sinus problems. Controlled breathing is very important in Yoga. Once you begin a Yoga exercise routine, remember to do it with slow and controlled movements. You need to be in control of your body and mind to gain the full benefits of office Yoga. You should sit quietly for a few minutes before exercising. This will help you to concentrate and gain focus. Make sure your postures are correct. Remember to have fun and enjoy your office Yoga session.

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