By Adrian Meraz

As the population continues to reach higher average ages, people are concerned about their health and general mobility. Doctors and fitness experts agree that yoga for seniors is an excellent way to address this issue. Due to its flexibility, yoga can adopt to the physical abilities to almost anyone’s body. Along with the physical attributes, yoga also has benefits socially.

Yoga can be adapted to help people that struggle with arthritis as well as those that are obese. The general belief held in the public that yoga is a mysterious art reserved only for the most flexible of individuals is simply not true. New styles are available that can allow any novice to begin enjoying the benefits of this type of exercise.

The poses that have been taught by yoga masters across the years can be performed by people with low levels of flexibility through the aid of different props such as straps or blocks. New poses that can be performed from a chair or on top of a bed have provided a way to introduce their bodies to yoga for seniors without the fear of harm.

Through these different styles senior citizens can reap the benefits from yoga that so many other people have witnessed over years of use. Improved coordination as well as increased flexibility are common among people that practice yoga. With these improvements usually comes an increase in overall strength. Improving strength is directly responsible for higher energy levels which most seniors will greatly appreciate.

Seniors can also benefit from the social atmosphere of a yoga class. Finding a group of similar aged people with similar goals and interests can help foster new friendships and improve the overall quality of life. The interaction with a new group of people keeps the brain active at a time when most people’s activity levels are slowing down.

Considering the wonderful health benefits and the social aspect of the classes, yoga for seniors is a wonderful way to help older citizens improve their bodies and keep their minds alert well into their twilight years.

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