By Alice Lane

You don’t have to be a contortionist to practice yoga or trade your scrub pants for spandex pants. You don’t even have to be in the yoga studio or local gym. With the simple poses listed below, men and women of all ages and abilities can alleviate stress at work and keep energy levels high. You can do them virtually anywhere and arrive home at the end of the day feeling rested and balanced.

Loose-fitting scrub tops will not hinder a simple backstretch. To complete this stretch, position your arms behind your back, bringing your hands together. Next, lift you arms upward until you feel the amount of stretch that is right for you. Lift up your chest and hold this pose for a minimum 30 seconds. Repeat and feel your body open up.

You might be wearing your favorite barco scrubs when you have a short break and engage in some simple shoulder shrugs and circles. Find a comfortable seated position and then raise both of your shoulders up in the direction of your ears, roll and squeeze your shoulder blades together and roll your shoulders down. Repeat this exercise.

Half moon pose is a great stretch anytime of the day. Raise your arms over your head and interlock your fingers. Take a deep breath and on the exhalation stretch your arms to the right, making sure to hold in your stomach, and feel a great hip opening and stretch on the opposite side of your body. Hold for thirty seconds and then repeat the stretch on the left side of the body.

The cat-cow pose can be done in the seated position or, alternately, on all four arms and legs. For convenience in a medical setting, you will want to follow the seated position. In the seated position, put both of your feet on the floor at about hip’s width and then place your hands on your knees. With your inhale, arch your back up towards the sky; with your exhale, round your spine allowing your head to fall forward. Repeat for several breaths.

Eagle pose is traditionally done as a standing pose, but much like cat-cow can also be done in the seated position to better suit the office setting. From a seated position, cross your right arm under your left, allowing the palms to touch. Lift your elbows up toward the ceiling. You should feel an amazing stretch as you shoulders slide down your back. For a different stretch, in the same position bring your arms down toward the floor. Remember to breathe through the postures and repeat the posture with the left arm under the right for an equal stretch on both sides of the body.

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