yoga teacher certificationBy Sangeetha Saran

Many people practice yoga training to relax and unwind, to stay fit and active and to relieve tension and pain throughout the body. Yoga can also be an effective way to heal the body from a number of ailments and serious medical conditions, from insomnia to cancer. Many people turn to yogic techniques as a way to accompany other more conventional medical treatments. When pursued on a consistent and regular basis, yoga can be a successful treatment. Numerous studies have shown the healing benefits that yoga provides.

Breathe Easy

Most people don’t realize the importance that breath has in our overall health so we spend our lives breathing short, shallow breaths. Yogic methodology employs wonderful breathing techniques that teach us to use breath as a way to refresh and renew the body and mind. Students learn to rely on deep, deliberate breaths to fill up the belly, lungs and chest. This act alone can have wonderful effects on the body by improving circulation, releasing muscle and joint tension and providing a way to release stress.

Release Mental Anxiety

Sometimes half the battle of fighting an illness is mental. When you fill your brain with negative thoughts and let negative emotions take over, it results in a body that feels defeated. A positive attitude and a peaceful heart can work wonders on the body’s systems. 

Provides Gentle Exertion 

Sometimes it’s inevitable for the illness to take over, resulting in great fatigue, pain or discomfort. The beauty of yoga is that it can be done anytime, anywhere and with many adjustments and accommodations. If your body is unable to perform physically, you can usually still employ simple stretches or meditative techniques. If nothing else, an ill person can use a few breathing techniques to rid the body of toxins and renew the blood supply. 

Increases Stamina 

As you continue in your yoga practice, your stamina will inevitably improve. Perhaps it is a subtle improvement, like being able to reach just a centimeter further each time you practice a stretch. Over time, you might realize that you flow more gracefully from pose to pose. The reason your stamina is improving is because your body has become familiar with each pose, your muscles have strengthened and your flexibility has increased. All of these things result in a healthier body that is better able to fight off illness.

Improves Self-Image

Many people hold themselves back from making progress in life. Some people do not believe they are worthy of a good life, they deserve less or program themselves for failure. Paul teaches us that pranayama, asana and meditation cause us to cultivate positive energy. This changes one’s mindset to have a positiver outlook on life. Long-time students tend to seek higher education, look for better jobs, become a yoga instructor or look forward to daily life with a positive viewpoint. 

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