Yoga Teacher Training  By Diane M. Cruz

I used to think that in order to teach yoga I had to know everything there is to know about yoga. How limiting is that? That assumption overwhelmed me so much that I almost gave up on the whole idea of teaching in the first place. The big huge world of yoga knowledge was just too vast, and sometimes confusing that I wondered how many teacher trainings I would have to take before I “felt” ready. Yet this is not something that can be taught in teacher training. You decide when you are ready, you decide when you are a teacher. The door was wide open and I was too timid to walk through even though I was fully equipped.

Then one day I wasn’t afraid. I don’t remember what changed, but I “felt” ready. I knew I would never know it all and that the knowledge I have come across so far was plenty to at least start teaching. So I stepped boldly on the teacher’s path and never looked back.

I do the best that I can studying on my own and with constant contact with my yoga teacher who lives on the other side of the states. My own yoga practice, students and class teach me daily what I need to learn.

To not know it all is o.k., to pretend like I know it all is NOT o.k. Some of my favorite yoga classes have been from teachers who are honest, open and love yoga. Should it be anymore than that?

Diane M. Cruz is an inner-preneur, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach in San Diego, California. She believes in cultivating a strong body and mind to keep you moving on your life path. Her classes and coaching sessions will empower you by providing life-enhancing tools to apply immediately to your life. Visit her website