Warrior I - Yoga Pose  Written By Noel Halpin

This article gives you all you need to know if you wish to make yoga a major part of your life.

Yoga is for every man, woman, and child on this planet, regardless of age. In fact it seems to benefit the elderly as much as it does the younger people.

It is probably the only activity which is so beautifully designed that there is no stress on the body , because everything is done at the individuals own pace. You can be very selective as to the exercises you wish to perform, and you can ease into every movement without causing any pain.

The most enjoyable way to learn yoga, is to take one or two movements each day and practice them until you feel you are ready to take on another move or two.

Remember there is no stress or pressure on you to keep up with anyone else. You do it at your own pace.

Yoga, as most people know is an ancient tradition going back thousands of years. It was used as a means for those who wished to practice it to find enlightenment.

Yoga was always deemed to be esoteric and spiritual. It is regarded as the only path to self realization.

It is said that the true yoga master can find the answers to all the mystical questions in the Universe.

This is because he, or she, are at one with their spirituality. They have found peace in the inner depths of their mind. They are at one with the Universe.

In yoga all the techniques are designed to enrich the health of the physical body, to improve the mental, and emotional state of the practitioner, eventually reaching the spirituality where inner peace is the ultimate goal.

Most yoga students practice to develop flexibility in their limbs and joints, to develop their posture and strengthen their body.

There are immense benefits to ones breathing, and the more one becomes proficient at the movements the more the lungs expand and the heart pumps purer oxygen around the body. This gives a feeling of exceptional well being and self confidence.

There is no doubt the ancients knew more about how to look after themselves than we do.

Yoga is for everyone, there are no exceptions, whoever wishes to learn are welcome. It is the modern way of going back to the future for our health and well being.

As a black belt third degree master of Kenpo Karate, I would like to say that Yoga has been my inspiration and guide through all my active sports life. I am now getting on in years, but I would not go one day without practicing my yoga combined with my karate katas.

It is never too late to change your way of life. Do it now. Find your real self.