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An Introduction to Chandra Namaskar

Yoga is a path toward creating balance in the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. There are various forms of Yoga that focus on each dimension; “Hatha Yoga” is the practice that concentrates on the physical body. In Hatha Yoga, students use physical postures to practice balancing opposites; For example, effort and surrender, strength and flexibility.

What Are Moon Salutations?

A Moon Salutation, Lunar Flow, or Chandra Namaskar, is basically the opposite of a Sun Salutation. Where the Sun Salutation brings heat and energy into the body, the Moon Salutation brings calm and relaxation.

Designing a Safe Yoga Asana Sequence

When designing a safe Yoga Asana sequence, it’s important to remember one thing: Don't take chances. The body isn't designed to move in...

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