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Yoga Teacher Training FAQs2017-04-04T19:57:22-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions for Yoga Teacher Training & Policies

Is it possible for a person who is in his/her early 40’s to learn Yoga and teach later?2017-02-02T19:43:54-05:00

Yes, the best Yoga Teachers are the students who are serious about practice, know what they want, and are challenged along the way. Naturally athletic and youthful students can make good Yoga Teachers, but they often push their own students to do things that they naturally perceive to be easy.

I am ready to submit my exams to become a Yoga instructor. How do I submit my exams?2017-02-02T19:43:54-05:00

If you are a correspondence student, all exams must be submitted at the same time, using the same method of delivery.  For example: If you are submitting exams online, use to submit all exams.  If you are submitting exams via regular mail, all exams must be sent that way.  Exams submitted in piecemeal or by multiple delivery methods will not be accepted.

Onsite students should consult the instructor running their training. 

I have purchased a Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Box correspondence course. Can I transfer ownership to a friend or family member?2017-02-02T19:43:54-05:00

No, transfers of ownership on courses (Online or Onsite) are not allowed.

Am I covered by insurance when I am taking an Aura Wellness Center course?2017-02-02T19:43:54-05:00