Aura Wellness Yoga Studios’ Testimonials – Yoga Instructor Training Programs

Located in the pages below, you will find testimonials from graduates of our Yoga Studios programs.  These graduates are from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, as well as a large variety of other countries.  You will find Yoga teachers who own their own studios, work at studios, wellness centers, gyms, spas, and corporate centers!

James Lovette-Black PhD, RN, RYT-200

Aura Wellness Center has been a delightfully refreshing experience for learning how to teach and practice. Every encounter I’ve had with the staff has been unfailingly supportive, instructive, friendly, and authentic. I heartily recommend Dr. Paul Jerard’s teaching and the courses at Aura Wellness Center for learning integral hatha yoga and other yoga methods. Namaste.

James Lovette-Black PhD, RN, RYT-200
Bright Wellness Yoga, San Francisco

Elizabeth Murray

As a yogi of over a decade, becoming a yoga teacher had been a dream of mine for a long time. After doing my homework into the various teacher training options that were available in my community, I can honestly say that Aura Wellness Center provides one of the most comprehensive and well-rounded programs that I’ve come across in all of my years of practicing yoga. Dr. Jerard is a wealth of knowledge and is always available to his students. I truly felt like I was a part of a greater community during my teacher training with Aura Wellness Center and would recommend this phenomenal program to anyone that is considering becoming a certified yoga teacher.

At the end of this program, you will walk away with a more thorough foundation of the practice of yoga (including its rich history) than any of the YTT graduates in your neighboring studios. Take it from someone who has almost exclusively practiced in corporate, “big city” studios- this program is different, and for the better. Far too often, studios become teacher mills cranking out teacher after teacher without establishing the proper framework for teaching yoga. Aura Wellness Center is different in that this program allows you the time to really dive into the practice of yoga, including in-depth lessons into anatomy, the philosophical approaches to yoga, and even Sanskrit terminology.

Registering and graduating from Aura Wellness Center’s teacher training program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself, and I feel privileged to have received my certification from this incredible organization. Thank you for teaching me how to share the practice that has brought so much light and love into my own life with those around me, and for helping me fulfill a life-long dream!


Elizabeth Murray
Certified Yoga Teacher
Boston, Massachusetts

Jenny Clark

I have practiced yoga in my personal life regularly since 1984, and while my 27-year career as a pediatric occupational therapist has been tremendously rewarding, something has felt lacking. Recently realizing the importance of integrating my personal and professional life to a deeper level, the yearning to create a pediatric holistic wellness intervention program prompted me to enroll in Aura Wellness Center Kid Yoga Teacher training program. Now it’s time to be open to the possibilities of manifesting my dreams in ways I can’t even imagine! Thank you Dr Paul Jerard for your gracious and kind guidance in helping me to become certified as a yoga teacher for children 🙂 The journey has just begun…

Jenny Clark
Certified Kids Yoga Teacher

Lisa Goswick

I wanted to take a few moments to thank Dr. Jerard and the Aura Wellness Center for their wonderful training program, as well as their assistance and guidance throughout the entire process. I received my certification this week with high honors and could not be more thrilled with the experience. When I decided to fulfill my dream of becoming a Certified Yoga teacher, I researched different programs and I needed one that would work around being a mom of three and I found the Yoga Teacher Training Camp in a Box (Platinum), which was the perfect fit for my lifestyle. This program not only was a great fit for my lifestyle but was great in providing me with all the necessary tools to be a successful, knowledgeable, and strong instructor. It had such wonderful materials and information to learn to truly be an informed teacher for my future students, so that they will reach their maximum benefits from a Yoga class. Not only did I learn all the necessities to be a successful teacher but I gained so much as an individual. It encouraged me to develop myself not just as a teacher but an individual. I was able to set my own pace, take as much time as I felt was needed on certain topics and areas that was suited for my