Aura Wellness Yoga Studios’ Testimonials – Yoga Instructor Training Programs

Located in the pages below, you will find testimonials from graduates of our Yoga Studios programs.  These graduates are from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, as well as a large variety of other countries.  You will find Yoga teachers who own their own studios, work at studios, wellness centers, gyms, spas, and corporate centers!

Thelma Natasuwarna Wuisan

Dear Paul,
I deeply apologize for taking a time too long to write the testimony, this is a long overdue promise. However, I have a good excuse for that, because I finally opened up a yoga course and teach yoga! It takes a while to settle down the ‘business’ (an on-going process), but it has been great now and new classes are opening.
I am very grateful to know Paul, Marie and Aura Wellness team that had given me the opportunity to bring my yoga study to the next level, and at my own pace! I joined the Camp-in-the-box program just two months before I got pregnant. I had a healthy pregnancy although had many restrictions (as the Obgyn adviced) and should not get too active. In postpartum period, however, things got worse; I had carpal tunnel syndrome, swollen legs and very low motivation. I couldn’t do a single Downward Dog for many months. I mentioned my problems to Paul; he was very understanding and supportive. I am very grateful that Paul allowed me to extend my study and giving me the support that I needed. Slowly, I gained back my strength to catch up with my practice and exams, and I graduated with honors….
Aura gives us the opportunity of self-learning (Svadhaya) with confidence, yet nurture the truthfulness in ourselves. Paul continues to give advices and endless support with compassion, which I consider a valuable treasure. Then, I learned that compassion and non-judgment are very important to develop trust and confidence between student – teacher. I always remind myself to apply that in my classes.
With much love and respect, I thank Paul, Marie and Aura’s professional team.
Thelma Natasuwarna Wuisan
Certified Yoga Teacher
Bloom & Shine Yoga, Jakarta, Indonesia

Jenny Juckel

I would like to sincerely thank Paul and his team at Aura Wellness Center for offering such a wonderful option for people who are passionate about studying and sharing yoga. I cannot imagine another avenue fitting in with my lifestyle and personality as much as this teacher training course has done.
The independent nature of the study is something that continues to blossom within me, something that may not have happened in a different, less self-motivated situation. Having said that however, Paul made himself available at all times, no matter how small or trivial my concern.
I am already teaching and feel blessed to have been sent on this new path. My practice, both physical and spiritual, continues every day, and I learn from my students each time I teach a class.
Thank you for being a part of this journey.
I do encourage others who may be thinking of taking the plunge who may not be sure this will be beneficial.
Jenny Juckel
Aura Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Merci Beaucoup

Geri Schaaf PT

Over the past 12 months, I have received top notch instruction and guidance from Paul Jerard’s Aura Yoga teacher certification course in Hatha Yoga. As I approached my mailbox in anicipation, I wondered…”will it be there?” Imagine my joy when I opened my Diploma with High Honors along with an outstanding reference letter from Paul. I recommend this course for anyone who has a passion for Yoga, is willing to work calmly and diligently, and who enjoys learning. Paul is a knowledgeable teacher who answers all questions promptly, clearly, and with kindness. The extensive course materials (books, DVD’s, and CD) were invaluable in my learning process. I feel prepared and confident as a new Yoga Instructor because of the high quality of this course. Thanks Paul and Marie!
Geri Schaaf PT, CYT
Aura Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Donna CYT

I jumped at the opportunity to do an online yoga course with Aura right away. I am a firefighter and have a rotating schedule so it is difficult to attend a weekly class. With Aura I could go at my own pace and schedule. I also had major surgery, so working on the course in my home was so much better for me. I have been attending yoga classes for years, but learning about the history of it and the purpose of each pose gave me a better understanding and appreciation of Yoga. The material was excellent and I will refer back to it often to refresh and improve. I am looking forward to teaching my own class and share the appreciation I have for it’s art and history.
Donna CYT