Aura Wellness Yoga Studios’ Testimonials – Yoga Instructor Training Programs

Located in the pages below, you will find testimonials from graduates of our Yoga Studios programs.  These graduates are from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, as well as a large variety of other countries.  You will find Yoga teachers who own their own studios, work at studios, wellness centers, gyms, spas, and corporate centers!

Mariam Alansari

Wow! I did it!! I became a Yoga instructor. I am very excited and happy to prove to myself that Yoga is to everybody. I started practicing yoga in March 2010 only. within two months of continuous Yoga I saw change in my performance and attitude. My body started to become flexible and I started to think positively in almost everything. So I decided to continue do Yoga, learn more about it and to be able to teach my family and friends.

I wanted everybody to do Yoga and gain its benefits. Traveling wasn’t an option for me to learn Yoga and at my hometown there was no Yoga teaching camps. Luckily, I found Aura Wellness Centre on the Internet. I am glad I took this course and I wish to continue taking courses and expand my knowledge. I love how Yoga made me feel.

Through this course I knew the origins of Yoga and learned its basics. I am able to use tricks to help myself perform any yogic posture, I can make my own Yoga plan, and most important I feel good about myself. Thank you very much Mr. Paul indeed for all your help throughout the course. Thank you for answering all my questions. Thank you for creating these remarkable camps.

Warm Regards,
Mariam Alansari
Certified Yoga Teacher

Kim Wright

Kim Wright

Hi, Paul!

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how my teacher training is going. I ended up running 2 Saturday morning classes because my first planned class filled within a week through word of mouth and no advertising. I had 2 classes going. I’m currently half way through a second 6-week session. Again I have 2 Saturday morning classes.

I have had 3 other offers to teach yoga classes at various places when I wasn’t even seeking it. I declined them.

I’m also teaching a mommy and me yoga class that is going very well. I originally didn’t want to do it but something drew me there.

I’ve also been studying Mukunda Stiles Structural Yoga Therapy – just from his books. That probably doesn’t surprise you, but thought I’d tell you anyway. I’m also working on A Physiological Handbook for Teachers of Yogasanas. Actually I’ve read and studied quite a few books since Christmas including the yoga mudra book you recommended. I use that in my classes, with my patients, and with my kids.

I hope all is well with you and Marie and the business.

Kim Wright

Merci Beaucoup

Merci Beaucoup

I have been practicing yoga for years but in the island where I live (Bora Bora, French Polynesia) there are no training programs available. I wanted to become certified yoga teacher to be able to teach safe to my students and progress in my professional career as a massage therapist and thai yoga therapist. So I researched online yoga training programs and I found that Aura Wellness Yoga Center was professional and serious. I loved all the books and DVDs and all the online support.

I highly recommend the Hatha Yoga Teaching Program.


Merci Beaucoup,

Sara Garcia

Kath Latour

Kath Latour

Hi Paul and Marie,

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you again for providing such a wonderful teacher training course (and at such a great price). As you know I was teaching yoga regularly for a couple of years before taking your course, and I found that you put many things I had been studying into today’s perspective, helping me to understand this ancient practice as it applies in our everyday life. My personal practice has deepened and my teaching practice has improved immensely.

Since the end of our course in June I have channelled some of the k