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Vicious Circles / Virtuous Circles

According to Yogic philosophy, everything is made up of the Gunas in different proportions. Gunas are the intertwining forces that weave together to make material nature, including human consciousness. These forces are divided into three categories, which are defined by Sattwa, Rajas, and Tamas: Sattwa, the state of truth, simplicity and equanimity in action; Rajas, the state of dynamism and activity combined with full ego involvement; and Tamas, the state of inertia and ignorance.

Yoga in the Former Soviet Union

In pre-Communist Russia, some credit a painter and aristocrat, named Nicolas Roerich, and his wife, with traveling to India to study Agni or Fire Yoga and bringing back the teachings around 1894. The man was nearly single-handedly responsible for Yoga in the Soviet Bloc; Vasily Brodov, was an intriguing figure. A Moscow native, born in 1912, he was a natural dissident who spent time in the gulags, and on the front lines, in World War II.