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Telling Stories for Kids Yoga Postures

Depending on the age of your Yoga students, they will most likely be ready and willing to make up a story or two. To help, you can set the scene, and identify a problem the characters will face, before beginning to tell the story. You can let each child tell a part of the story, breaking it up into the beginning, middle, and end; or you can let the story flow in different directions. Remember that the importance of the story lies in the Yoga postures - not whether the story makes perfect sense.

Heal With Yoga

Another advantage of healing with Yoga, is that it lets people control a variety of body functions. These include blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, metabolic functions, and so on and so forth. Skeletal, muscular, endocrinal, and nervous systems then respond in a highly sensitive manner, to ensure proper function and maintain health. For example - when you practice Sarvangasana, the thyroid is really stimulated, or when you practice Sirshasana, the pituitary is stimulated, or when you practice Paschimottanasana, the pancreas is stimulated. Research has shown that, people who regularly practice Yoga, have lower anxiety, are more stress resistant, have normal blood pressure, great heart function, and overall enhanced physical fitness.

A Good Work Practice – Simple Yoga Postures For Busy Medical Professionals

You don't have to be a contortionist to practice yoga or trade your scrub pants for spandex pants. You don't even have to be in the yoga studio or local gym. With the simple poses listed below, men and women of all ages and abilities can alleviate stress at work and keep energy levels high. You can do them virtually anywhere and arrive home at the end of the day feeling rested and balanced.

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