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Monitor Your Progress with a Meditation Log

A meditation log can be as simple as recording basic facts and comments, or it can take the form of a journal that records and explores the feelings and impressions experienced during a meditation session. Some people even have blogs that allow them to discuss their comments with others. In its simplest form, a log usually consists of the following: day of the week and time, location, length of time spent, and comments.

Instant Yoga Meditation Benefits for Beginners

A short Yoga meditation session, with its accompanying breathing exercises, can help the beginner slow down. Both the practitioner’s heart rate, as well as his/her mind, slow down; thus, the mind can begin letting go of stressful ideas and thoughts as the body becomes less tense. As the heart rate slows down, the practitioner’s blood pressure also becomes more stabilized; a physical benefit of meditation that has a powerful impact.

Three Classic Yoga Meditation Types

Meditation techniques, are often combined with pranayama and Yoga asanas, help bring the mind to states of tranquility. They will lower your stress and anxiety levels. Ultimately, they will connect you with the simmering divinity at the core of your own being.

Yoga Optimises Your Endocrine System and Thyroid Gland Function For Enhanced Mood and Stability

Yoga practice aims for internal balance. Fundamentally this involves optimisation of your endocrine system. Yoga postures and breathing techniques, in conjunction with meditation practices and chanting, stimulate your endocrine glands to enhance their functioning. This is achieved by internal massage on muscles and spine, by internal massage through sounds, by improving circulation, by stimulation of body areas which have connections to specific organs as demonstrated through reflexology techniques, focusing on chakras, and exercising the triple warmer muscles of your thorax.

The Second Yoga Discipline – Truthfulness

Steve Jayanta Paquette was born in Nova Scotia and spent much of his childhood in Atlantic Canada. He has recently returned to Nova Scotia after living for 10 years in a yoga ashram where he studied the ancient practices of yoga and meditation. He lives in Yarmouth and shares mindfulness, meditation and yoga as moving prayer in studios, churches and corporate settings around Atlantic Canada.

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