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Yoga for Moving Beyond Stress

In one study done by researchers in 2007 at the Boston University School of Medicine Division of Psychiatry, where people were asked to complete a one-hour yoga training session and then read for the same amount of time.

Using Yoga Science to Cope with Change

“Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word for “union” and refers to the science of uniting human awareness with divine reality. Based on ancient Vedic scriptures, Yoga provides the tools we need to cope with the stress of change in our physical bodies and our environment.

Common Asanas for a Yoga Class

Most yoga classes feature common asanas which are performed to provide full-body stretching and strengthening. Asanas are often paired with pranayama, or deep breathing, to produce a well-rounded yoga class which engages the body as well as the mind. The following list describes some common asanas for a yoga training session.