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Yoga Poses for Tight Hamstrings

Some of the more well-known Yoga poses that stretch the hamstrings are standing forward fold and seated forward fold. Additionally, many of the core movements of the Sun Salutation help to keep the hamstrings flexible and strong. Crescent Lunge into Forward Folding Hamstring Stretch and Parighasana or Gate Pose are wonderful Yoga asanas that deeply elongate the hamstrings. Parighasana also stretches out your oblique torso muscles, shoulders, chest and calf muscles. It is a great Yoga pose for runners, snowboarders and skiers.

Yoga Poses to Release Tension in the Hips

From Downward Facing Dog come to a sitting position on your Yoga mat. Bend your right leg in so that it is perpendicular to the top of your mat. Next, bend your left leg and place it squarely on top of your right leg with your left foot resting on your right knee.