Aura Wellness Center
Return, Exchange, Terms, Conditions, and Course Policies


30 Day Return Policy:

If you are not completely satisfied with a tangible Aura Wellness Center Yoga Teacher Training Course(s), you may return your course (within 30 days) from the date you ordered your course(s).

These steps must be followed in order to complete your return:

• Call Aura Wellness Center at 1-508-222-0092, and receive a return authorization number from an Aura Representative.
• Pack your course in its original packaging (Failure to do so may result in damaged materials. Damaged materials will be deducted from your refund at their retail value.)
• Include a letter with your Full Name, Address, Telephone Number, and Return Authorization Number.
• It is recommended to obtain a tracking number and insurance with the delivery service you have chosen. Aura Wellness Center is not responsible for lost return merchandise or courses.
• Items must be Post Marked before the 30 day return policy expires.

* Missing, damaged, or written in materials will be deducted at their retail value from your refund.


If you received a faulty item, and need to exchange it for the same item (within 30 days of receiving it), please e-mail, call 1-508-222-0092, or use the contact forms to request a replacement.


The following are non-refundable:
• Shipping or Delivery costs and/or completed consultation services.
• Gift Cards / Certificates (Remaining Amounts will be made into a store credit)
• Deposits of any kind, unless otherwise stated.
• Tuition Fees, Extension Fees and Re-Certification Fees
• Digital Content (Includes: e-Course, Online Courses, and e-Book downloads from the Aura Wellness Center Online Store)
• Services, such as White Glove Grading, Onsite Intensives, onsite Yoga Teacher Training Tuition, student class packages, walk-ins, and Private (1 on 1 sessions)
• Items that have been damaged through customer use or abuse
• Non-defective opened DVDs, CDs, Books, or Kits containing digital media. (If an item was included in a shippable course, this does not apply.)
• $10 per monthly payment fee on Aura Monthly Payment Option Plans.

Receiving a Refund:

Aura Wellness Center will issue a refund upon receipt and processing of your return.

Expect your refund within 4 weeks of handing over your package to the return shipper (though, in many cases, you’ll receive the refund sooner).

An Aura Returns Department Representative will notify you, via e-mail, of your refund once we’ve received and processed the returned item.

Missing or Defective Items:

Our shipping department double verifies that all items are included in your course. In the rare chance that an item is missing, it must be reported within the 30 day guarantee period to receive the missing item. This policy also applies to defective items. Defective items must be reported within the 30 day guarantee period to receive replacement.


Transfers of course ownership are prohibited.

All Prices and Fees Are Charged In USD (United States Dollars):

All of the items, products, services, and courses in the Aura Wellness Center Online Store are Charged in USD.

The buyer, not Aura Wellness Center, is responsible for currency conversion fees, or any other fees, charged by their financial institution for a purchase.

Volume Discounts:

Volume Discounts only pertain to items, products, service, and/or courses at the full retail value.  If an item, product, service, and/or course has a promotion, sale, discount, etc, the volume discount will not be applicable.  Volume Discounts cannot be combined with any other offers. Volume Discounts will be given only to groups of two or more individuals purchasing on the same order and must be the same item, product, service, and/or course.

International Customers and Taxes/Brokerage Fees: 

Aura Wellness Center does not charge or collect any VAT, GST, Import Taxes, or Brokerage Fees of any kind.  If your country or shipping service requires Duties or Brokerage Fees of any kind on packages marked “Educational Materials,” you are responsible for these fees.

UPS Standard to Canada: 

UPS Standard to Canada requires a separate fee in addition to GST/Import Tax, known as a “Brokerage Fee”. Aura Wellness Center does not charge this fee at the point of sale as this Brokerage Fee is assessed by the UPS broker based off of the tax assessed. You are responsible for both Tax and Brokerage Fees.

Course Materials Replacement:

Course materials can be replaced at their retail value plus shipping costs. Course Instructions Folder Materials (Instructions, Teacher Tips, Exams, and Mics Forms) are only replaced via digital copies in PDF format. Course Instructions Folder Materials can be replaced for $20 and will be emailed to you.

Required Textbooks or Media:

Similar to a course taken at a College or University, Aura Wellness Center has required materials for some of its courses, which are obtained separately.  Courses that require this will have a “Required Textbooks”, “Required Media”, or combination of the two, area within the course description to let you know. Typically this pertains to courses marked “[ONLINE]” in the title. We do our best in the selection of course materials to choose items that have multiple formats, such as: paperback books, or ebooks.

If a tangible course has media or a textbook that is not included, it will state this next to the item in the course description. Tangible courses will only have this if the media or textbook is no longer available, in a tangible format, but, is available in an electronic format that we don’t carry.

Diploma and Letter of Recommendation Replacement:

Replacements are issued via UPS Next Day Air for students in the United States for $75.

Replacements are issued via UPS Worldwide Saver for students Internationally for $150.

Retests for all courses: 

The first retest is free, and subsequent retests are $75. If you are past your due date, but submitted your initial exams before the due date, you will be given 2 weeks to submit the retest. Extensions can be purchased to lengthen this amount of time if you are past your due date.

*Courses which are marked with “[ONLINE]” in the title have Quizzes, which are exempt from any retest fees. Those quizzes are automatically graded by our online learning platform, and can be taken as many times as you would like, to achieve a passing or better score.


Recertification is required for all Aura Yoga Teacher Certification Courses.  This ensures that our teachers are current with their practice.  A teacher who practices and teaches on a consistent basis, is far less likely to injure their students, which is the reason we have this policy.

Recertification information on your particular course can be found inside your course materials.  This will include hours a teacher has taught, usually an assignment or workshop hours for CEU’s, and a recertification fee.

*There is a 1 year grace period for reinstatement after your recertification is due. You may recertifiy any time during this period, however, you will not be certified during this grace period. It is highly recommended to maintain your certifcate on time, before the recertification due date, so that there is no gap in your certification.

*Recertification during the 1 year grace period will result in a reinstatement fee.

* Recertifications are not allowed past 1 year of being overdue.

Extension Fees:

All of our courses give the student 1 year to complete the exam requirements.

If a student wants an optional extension to their course services and deadline, it can be obtained by paying an extension fee. There are tiered extensions for those who pay for their extension on or before the due date. These Tiered extension costs are less than the per month rate. Extensions paid after the due date are on a per month basis and can only take advantage of the 1 month extension fee.

Aura Wellness Center holds the right to deny any extension.

Medical Extensions:

Aura will grant no cost extensions, if a doctor’s note is presented on letterhead. These can be emailed or mailed in. The doctor’s note only needs to state that you were in a doctor’s care, and the date range for which they are excusing you. We need the date range in order to give you the proper amount of time back to your course duration. No medical details need to be shared.

Doctor’s notes can be emailed to Customer Service and we will have them added to your student file, along with the course extension. Aura Wellness Center will always comply with the date range given by your doctor, and when it is medically safe for you to resume your course.

*Pregnancy and recovery time is covered under a medical extension. It is highly recommended to obtain a medical extension, due to pregnancy, and forgo the physical portion of the course until recommended by a doctor.

Bereavement Policy: 

Aura will grant a one month extension for any immediate family member deceased during the course duration. This one month extension is free, however, it requires an obituary or death notice in order to be approved.


The free Grading service can take 2 – 6 weeks depending on the volume of exams being received in at the time of a student’s submission.

“White Glove Grading Services” are offered for students that do not want to wait for the free grading service or have a job lined up in which they need express grading and delivery to ensure they have their documents in a shorter amount of time.

White Glove Service has a 1 day processing time for grading and results. *This excludes weekends and holidays.

Students in the US: Diploma and Letter of Recommendation will be sent via UPS Next Day Air.

Students outside of the US (International): Diploma and Letter of Recommendation will be sen