Certified Meditation Teacher Course [ONLINE]

60 Hours

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Meditation Teacher Course [ONLINE]

Vipassanā Meditation

(Mindfulness Meditation)

Philosophies & Concepts of Meditation

Setting Up for Practice and Postures

Mindfulness vs Concentration

Techniques & Practice

This meditation course is designed for: Yoga Teachers, Support Group Coordinators, Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Healers, and Health Care Professionals. It is also for anyone who wants to learn meditation theory, cueing skills, and to help others gain the benefits of meditation practice.

What to Expect with Online Learning at Aura Wellness Center

Online learning has become more popular than ever with the advent of tablet devices and smartphone technology. With more users than ever before browsing the internet and learning new subjects each day, it is no wonder that online learning has become extremely prevalent in today’s society. Understanding the benefits of online learning is highly advisable, whether you are considering a career in meditation, the medical field, in the holistic industry, or are interested in teaching Yoga.

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Here is What You Will Learn:

  • Meditation Basics covers the fundamentals of meditation, other techniques that are available, and how Vipassana Meditation differs.
  • The Practice discusses the Monkey Mind, Self-Witnessing, Non-Doing, Bare Attention, and Mindfulness.
  • Distractions & Obstacles goes through Common Obstacles during meditation along with the Five Hindrances and how to concentrate through those distractions. We also discuss intention, posture, and environment. This section also has 2 hours of videos/guided meditation sessions to help you focus in your personal practice.
  • Mindfulness, Suffering, and Karma:  Maya and the Perception of Reality are covered in depth throughout this section along with Suffering, the Fo