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Frequently Asked Questions for Monthly Payment Options

If I do not pay my monthly payment on time, will I still have course access?2020-01-05T00:37:57-05:00

Aura Monthly Payment Option: No, all support and access will be suspended.

If delinquency exceeds 60 days on any payment, your course (access and support) will be terminated permanently. No store credit will be given, no option to resume the course, and no option to take another course.

PayPal Credit®: Aura does not receive updates on your payment arrangements with PayPal Credit Financing, therefore, access would not be suspended or revoked. However, for your obligation with PayPal Credit, please see the terms of your agreement with PayPal.

Do promotions, volume discounts, or sales apply to the payment plans?2020-01-05T01:21:59-05:00

Aura Monthly Payment Option: No, courses purchased on a payment plan will be at the regular retail price.

PayPal Credit®: Yes, all purchases using PayPal Credit® are eligible for promotions, volume discounts and sales.

How can I receive a quote for a payment plan?2020-01-05T01:03:34-05:00

Aura Monthly Payment Option: Please email our customer service department at [email protected].

Include the following information:

  • The Full Name of the Course You Would Like to Enroll in (Example: The Power Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Box – Level 1 (PLATINUM)
  • Name (First and Last)
  • Shipping Address (No P.O. Boxes)
    • *If the course is marked “[ONLINE]” in the title, no items will be shipped.  However, this information (your address)  would be used to save and identify your quote.  Later it would be used to create your student file.
  • Phone number
  • Best Day/Date and Time to Reach You to Set Up Your Payment Plan By Phone. (Please include your time zone) An e-mail quote will be sent to you first, and will ask you to confirm a contact time.
    • *Our Office is open from 9AM to 5PM ET (US) – Monday – Friday.
  • Shipping service and type that applies to you.
    • * If applicable.  If you are purchasing an e-course(s) or course(s) marked “[ONLINE]” in the title, shipping will not apply.

Aura offers the following shipping services:


  • UPS Ground (US Only)
  • UPS Standard (Canada Only)
  • UPS Worldwide Saver (Everywhere Else)



  • USPS Priority Mail Military (US Military Addresses Only)

*The alternative option: PayPal Credit® is a checkout option in The Aura Online Store and will cover this information in the application and checkout process.

If I do not pay my monthly payment on time, what happens? Is there a reinstatement fee?2020-01-05T01:19:18-05:00

Aura Monthly Payment Option:

3 Payment attempts will be made to obtain your monthly payment, if the payment fails. Students with failed payments will be emailed after each attempt. The second attempt is a call to the phone number the student provides us for contact and an email, also provided to us for contact.
• If a student’s account has reached 3 payment attempts, and is 10 days overdue, payment is due in full, with a $25 reinstatement fee. No further monthly payment arrangements will be made and your course will be suspended. You will have a total of 60 days, from the due date, of your overdue payment, to remit payment in order to resume your course and avoid progress from being deleted.

PayPal Credit®: Aura does not receive updates on your payment arrangements with PayPal Credit Financing, therefore, access would not be suspended, or revoked, and a reinstatement fee would not apply. However, for your obligations with PayPal Credit, please see the terms of your agreement with PayPal.

I purchased a Yoga Teacher Training Course on a payment plan; can I submit the exams before my payments are completed?2020-01-05T01:37:12-05:00

Aura Monthly Payment Option: No, all payments on your course must be completed before you can submit your exams.

*Courses which are marked with “[ONLINE]” in the title have Quizzes, which are exempt from this. Online Quizzes in the Student Portal are automatically graded by our online learning platform. However, all payments will still need to be completed in order to graduate.

PayPal Credit®: Yes, PayPal handles the financing for these types of plans.  You can submit your exams at anytime.

Which payment methods do you accept?2019-09-10T15:13:34-05:00

Aura Monthly Payment Option: We accept all major credit cards for monthly payment plans (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX).

We also accept debit cards with credit logos on them, such as: Visa and MasterCard.

All payments need to be set up over the phone with this option.

PayPal Credit®:  This is its own line of credit, however, you initially need a PayPal account to get started.

I purchased a Yoga Instructor course in payments; when will the next payments be?2020-01-05T01:41:34-05:00

Aura Monthly Payment Option: Your payment will always be exactly one month ahead.

For Example: If you purchase a course on October 1st, your next two payments will be on November 1st and December 1st. Payments are processed automatically after the 1st payment.

PayPal Credit®: You will be sent a statement each month which will state your due date on it.


Is PayPal Credit® Available Everywhere?2019-09-10T14:07:28-05:00

PayPal Credit® is only available in the US. However, Aura Monthly Payment Options are available everywhere.

Is there a fee for the monthly payment option?2019-09-10T15:09:18-05:00

Aura Monthly Payment Option: Yes, there is a $10 fee per payment.

PayPal Credit®:  Please see your agreement with PayPal.

Do I have to go through a credit check?2019-09-10T15:10:24-05:00

Aura Monthly Payment Option: No, credit cards or debit cards with credit logos on them are used for payment plans. No credit check is required.

PayPal Credit®: A credit check is required.

Which Yoga teacher certification courses are eligible for a payment plan?2020-01-05T01:47:51-05:00

Aura Monthly Payment Option: Any tangible (a course which is shipped to you) home-study course valued at $347 or more to be divided into 3 monthly payments.

Any online course, those marked with “[ONLINE]” in their course title, Valued at $347 or more, are eligible for 6 monthly payments.

PayPal Credit®: Offers financing on any course $99 or more.

Is PayPal Credit® the same as the Aura Monthly Payment Option?2019-09-10T14:27:31-05:00

No, they are completely separate and different.

The FAQs in this monthly payments section mostly refer to Aura Monthly Payment Plans.  If there is alternate information for PayPal Credit® in comparison it is provided.  However, majority of PayPal Credit® FAQ’s can be found on PayPal’s site.

*PayPal Credit® is a branch of PayPal which offers finance options.  The current offers can be found in an Ad banner at the top of our online store for this service.  Some examples of offers that have been given in the past from PayPal Credit® are 6 months, no interest financing.

To use PayPal Credit® to purchase a course, simply select it as a payment option during the checkout process, in The Aura Online Store. The store will guide you through the process.

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