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Monthly Payment Options FAQs2017-02-02T19:47:29-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions for Monthly Payment Options

How can I apply financing (payments)?2018-07-12T16:34:21-04:00

PayPal Credit®: Simply select the PayPal®/PayPal Credit® payment method at checkout, and proceed through the checkout process.  The form will bring you to PayPal’s site to apply for financing.  Once complete, the system will bring you to an order confirmation page on our site.

*PayPal® currently only offers its PayPal Credit® Financing to US residents.

I purchased an Online Yoga Instructor course on a payment plan; can I submit the exams before my payments are completed?2018-07-12T15:36:22-04:00

If you are completing a payment plan/financing with PayPal Credit®, you can submit your exams at any time.

Is there a fee for the monthly payment option?2018-07-12T15:42:38-04:00

PayPal Credit®:  Please see your agreement with PayPal for further information.

Do I have to go through a credit check?2018-07-12T15:45:19-04:00

PayPal Credit®: A credit check is required to be approved for financing.

I purchased a Yoga Instructor course in payments; when will the next payments be?2018-07-12T15:49:11-04:00

PayPal Credit®:  You will be sent a statement each month indicating the due date for your payment.

Which payment methods are accepted?2018-07-12T15:55:33-04:00

PayPal Credit®:  This financing option usually accepts payments through automated or manual bank transfers/payments.

Which Yoga teacher certification courses are eligible for a payment plan?2018-07-12T15:58:47-04:00

PayPal Credit® offers financing on any course $99 or more.

If I do not make payments on time, is there a late fee?2018-07-12T16:02:45-04:00

PayPal Credit®: Please see the terms of your agreement with PayPal.

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