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The Problem With Yoga Inversions and Spinal Compression

Yoga is well known for its health and spiritual benefits, and many people wish to take advantage of it. This leads to a huge diversity of age and ability within beginning and intermediate levels of Yoga practice. It is essential that Yoga teachers, interns, and students be aware of and educated about safe guidelines and techniques for all practitioners of this popular discipline.

Yoga Postures – Dynamic, Not Static!

For this humble author, the benefits of approaching yoga postures and practice as constantly shifting, growing, and deepening in these ways are undeniable. It takes the experience of doing so to truly understand and appreciate the magic that can result, however; there are endless possible qualities and feelings that can hardly be put into words. So, the mat is calling you to further discover what can grace you then – in body, mind, spirit, and more.

Yoga Poses for Snowboarders: Warming Up for the Day

As you continue to breath, feel the rooting of your left foot into the floor. When you are ready, you can lean forward over the end of your Yoga mat and "fly" like an Eagle. This is a great posture for practicing balancing skills. This Yoga posture will also strengthen your quadriceps.

Four More Yoga Posture Safety Tips

Yoga is good for the body. Additionally, it's also good for one's emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being, too. You can take yoga with you anywhere you go and roll it out like a yoga mat. It will contribute to giving you great energy and wonderful sleep.

Some of the Risks of Yoga Headstand

One concern that many people have with Yoga is that certain positions (asanas) could actually be harmful. Depending on the type of body one has, any posture could be beneficial or harmful. This is especially true with headstands. The truth is, you should talk with your doctor about your Yoga practice and this is very important.

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