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What are the Benefits of the Khechari Mudra?

A regular, proficient practice of Khechari Mudra is said to release the very elixir of life. The term "khechari" is derived from two Sanskrit roots that are translated as meaning "one who moves the sky." In other words, an ardent practice of this tongue lock mudra will propel a devotee into a state of the universal awareness of God. As the tongue puts pressure on the soft palate in the middle indentation located on the roof of the mouth, a variety of sensitive glands are stimulated and are release tiny drops of ambrosial nectar.

Can Yoga Mudras Help Meditation?

Practitioners of Yoga, meditation and energy medicine have long claimed that mudras amplify their results. In 2009, their claims were validated when the National Academy of Sciences published research showing the hand movements stimulate the same areas of the brain as spoken or written language.

Incorporating Mudras to Enhance Yoga Postures

One of the primary hand mudras practiced in Yoga schools today is Anjali Mudra. This mudra is a gesture of greeting and offering. It is the classic prayer position of most religious traditions. When greeting a person, Anjali Mudra is often accompanied by a verbal greeting of "namaste." Namaste literally means: "the divinity in me greets and honors the divinity in you." This is one of the core fundamental aspects of Yoga practice, the ability to see the divine energy coursing throughout all of creation.

Yoga as an Art of Living

“Mudras, or hand positions, work with the natural energy vortices located in the palms of the hands and fingers. When we place the fingers together to create certain shapes, we redirect this energy back into the body. Think of it as creating antennae with your hands. Mudras can bring focus and attention to certain areas of the body through breath awareness, they can also have an immediate effect on the emotions. They and may not be felt as strongly as the asanas. However, the practice is very valuable and can bring us more in tune with the inner workings of our mind, body, and emotions.”