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The Place of Developmental Movement Patterns in Yoga – Part 2

The vestibular sense therefore has evident implications for the quality of those poses we might first think of as tricky balance postures - such as Tree Posture and Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose (Utthita Hasta Padangustasana). It also determines those poses we know of as potentially restive and grounding as Mountain Posture, however. Regardless, according to this sequential developmental movement theory we develop this sense of balance as a last component of our overall and life-long movement “repertoire”, so to speak. We continue to improve upon it, however, or conversely lose some of our abilities within it, as the years go on. Yoga practice has strong potential to foster life-long growth within, and reduced losses of, our physical handling of this movement pattern. The same holds true for all of the patterns that set a foundation for it, as were previously described.

Yoga Certification Courses for a Trained Mind

While yoga is often considered to be a way to heal, strengthen, and tone the body in preparation for fulfilling higher spiritual aspirations, it is also an excellent form of mental training. While there are specific yoga practices like Raj yoga focused on mental development, the fact is that all forms of yoga train the mind.

Stage 1, the Quest, Journey and Rewards

My yoga path is all-inclusive, as much as I teach I learn. I look forward to always gathering and utilizing connective practices (Ayurveda, mandala, chakra balance, singing bowls, etc.) to deepen my understanding, challenging myself and student to simply be your best you.

Yoga Over 60 – A Healthy Alternative

According to Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, the quickest-growing segment of the American population consists of seniors over the age of 65, and many of these are turning to Yoga to stay mentally and physically fit. Considering the fact that statisticians expect the number of these seniors to double to 80 million by 2050, there is obviously a need for Yoga instructors trained to work with older students.

Teaching Yoga for Student Safety

Student safety is obviously an important aspect regarding Yoga instructor training and education. After all, there are many different physical styles, from Hatha to Bikram, and they each have their own risks. A Yoga teacher should be well trained so that he or she can observe the students and help to prevent injury or exacerbate old ones.

Teaching Yoga Students: Pranayama

Most students expect you to know everything, but one, two or three yoga teacher certification courses are not the end all of yogic knowledge. The pure truth is a yoga instructor or a student's path never ends, when considering the pursuit of yogic knowledge.

Teaching Yoga: Weightlifting

By Faye Martins Some hatha yoga teachers strongly advise against weight lifting. When asked for a concrete explanation of why weight resistance would be harmful to yoga practitioners, I have yet to find a valid reason why a practitioners can't enjoy the best of both worlds. From a physical point of view, both methods are [...]

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