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Increase Happiness with Yoga

By Bhavan Kumar How can you increase happiness with yoga? Since yoga moved onto the world stage, asana, pranayama, meditation and other Yogic stress-reduction exercises have been studied as possible alternative treatments for mood-related disorders. However, the body of literature on the therapeutic benefits of yoga was rather limited until the Internet propelled it forward. [...]

How does Yoga Build Self-Acceptance?

Based on the advice from the 14th century author of “Hatha Yoga Pradipika,” we aren’t the only civilization to think too much. In his teachings, he says: “Abandon all thoughts, then don’t think of anything.”

Yoga: Your Path to Inner Peace

Yoga is a deeply enriching practice, which produces positive results that cover the spectrum - from increased flexibility, to reduced pain, and a heightened sense of well being. Yet, some will ask: “What about inner peace?” How can the daily practice of Yoga lead to greater levels of inner peace?

The Purpose of Yoga: Problem Solving Skills

One of the methods we demonstrate during Yoga teacher training courses is to write the problems and possible solutions down on paper...