About Yoga

What is the Purpose of Yoga Today?

By Gopi Rao Around the world, many people wonder about the purpose of yoga today. Yet, the practice of yoga has become more and more widespread in the last two decades. Primarily advanced as a healthy, less strenuous form of exercise, yoga's popularity is due in large part to the fit and actively healthy life [...]

Yoga and the Power of Intuition

In terms of a Yoga class, a practice that weaves together specific pranayama techniques into a flowing sequence of challenging Yoga asanas will demand a student’s complete attention. As the mind settles into one-pointed awareness, the ability to rationally analyze every moment will diminish and the tactile, intuitive part of the mind will become more dominant. In this way, creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems will arise from within.

Moving with the Waves

Perhaps one unacquainted with yoga could compliment a yoga practitioner friend on that skill, who could share what he or she has learned about nonattachment from yoga – therein bringing another into the essential practice. From there, a cycle of creative communal adjustment to each moment as it comes could continue and grow – and, I believe, the world could spin around a little more easily as a result.

Yoga for Revitalization

By challenging both mind and body, Yoga is able to provide restorative revitalizing properties of other physical forms of activity without the high impact and stress of other sports, or the anxiety that comes with just starting out.