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Yoga for Postpartum Weight Loss

By Michael Gleason Are you curious about postpartum weight loss? Before we get into it: Congratulations and welcome to motherhood! This is by far one of the most exciting and potentially scariest things you will ever go through. As your child grows up, or as you bring more children into your life, making the time [...]

Yoga for Pregnancy – First Trimester

Pregnancy is a great opportunity to relax and turn your attention inwards. Hormones released during pregnancy cause dramatic changes in the body. For example: the hormone relaxin, softens the connective tissue, cartilage, and supports the joints to prepare for an easier delivery. Any asana or pranayama technique that doesn’t make you feel good should be stopped immediately.

What Are Good Yoga Positions During Pregnancy?

There are still a lot of precautions for women in their first trimester and beyond. Additionally, practicing yoga for years before pregnancy is much different than spending years on a couch. It seems like common sense, but some women believe they have to join a class because they just became pregnant. The first place to start getting proper advice is in their doctor's office and then, if they are cleared, they can inquire about prenatal classes.