Yoga for Beauty

Spiritual Growth from Yoga Courses

While yoga is often pursued for its physical benefits, especially in the West, it is much more than a discipline to enhance wellness. From a historical perspective, yoga’s roots are anchored in a quest for spiritual growth.

The Benefits of Yoga for Spiritual Development

Just as Yoga poses (asanas) increase the body’s strength, spiritual exercises increase mental fortitude. Your students live hectic lives filled with emotional stressors. Spiritual Yoga exercises can build up mental reserves, making it easy for your students to navigate the challenges of life. When your students spend several hours a week, communicating with themselves and their Greater Power, they are building up their emotional strength. Your Yoga classes will empower your students to live a more peaceful, enjoyable life.

About Yoga and Psychic Powers

Regardless of the path taken, there are two important things to remember about Yoga’s psychic skills. Supernatural powers are gifts from the universe and never “belong” to any individual, regardless of the feats they may accomplish. These powers should be used only to help others or to promote healthy development. Yoga practitioners are merely channels for these mystical events.

Can Yoga Cause Spiritual Growth?

Although Yoga training is known as a form of physical activity, it also has other benefits. While some people start doing Yoga as a way to get into better shape physically, they often find that improving their bodies also helps their emotional and mental outlook.

The Purpose of Yoga – Spiritual Health for All Faiths

Before the Yoga class, the woman with the Holy Water, and her companion, handed out leaflets to inform parishioners of how Yoga is Anti-Christian.  Strangely, none of the 65 parishioners, who attended Yoga classes, knew this woman.