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Effects of Yoga on Immunity

Yoga asanas that turn the body upside down are known as inversions. Inversions will substantially support the efficient functioning of your immune system through the added power of gravity to increase circulation.

Breath of Life – Pranayama

Pranayama helps us to moderate this energy. Everyone hopes to enjoy a long, active and healthy life, free from disease. Therefore it is...

Common Pranayama Techniques for Yoga Class

Pranayama is often referred to as breath control, or yogic breathing. Pranayamas are beneficial in keeping the body healthy and free of toxins.

Intermediate Pranayama Exercises for Trauma Survivors

One round of Kapalbhati Pranayama consists of thirty quick inhales and exhales. Do three rounds of Skull Shining Breath and then pause to feel the effects of this powerful pranayama technique. Breath at a pace that is comfortable for you and be aware of feelings and memories that may arise during your practice.