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Pranayama Exercises for Students to Increase Mental Clarity

Many Yoga students will benefit from a regular practice of pranayama exercises that increase mental clarity. As your thinking becomes...

Teaching Hatha Yoga: Prana and Pranayama

One Yoga teacher training intern remarked that prana could not be in his mat, since it was an inanimate object. After all, his mat was not a living...

Addressing Fear in a Yoga Class: Pranayama

In an ideal world, the idea of practicing Yoga solicits feelings of calm equipoise, energy and vibrant health. However, for many people the idea of practicing Yoga in the context of a structured class can bring up feelings of apprehension and fear. There may be any number of reasons for this apprehension. Some of these reasons include being physically or emotionally fragile. This sense of being physically fragile can come from being injured or in the process of healing from a surgical procedure.