About Happiness and the Art of Yoga

The word art took on a completely different meaning when used as a verb. I realized that there is an artful way to approach life and yoga as a means of achieving happiness. It suddenly made sense that finding the way to live with happiness, mindfulness, and health is actually an art form that we can strive to develop.

Happiness and the Art of Yoga

The child's pose is specifically designed to relieve stress and remove worry from the inner reaches of the mind. With the buttocks planted firmly on the heels, students will be instructed to slowly bend forward until both the arms and head are planted on the floor. The position is normally held for several seconds and is meant to gently limber up the muscles within both the abdomen and the back.

Yoga for Joyful Living

The 34 participants were split into two groups. One group was instructed to walk for one hour, three times a week. The other group was instructed to practice lyengar yoga for that same duration of time, the same amount of days a week. The GABA levels of these participants were monitored during this time, and, according to the study, those in the yoga group showed in increase in GABA levels, which matched what they reported: better moods then those reported by the walkers.

Practicing Yoga for Happiness

Recent studies have shown that practicing Yoga can help nurture happiness in individuals. Some components of happiness are actually physiological, coming from the brain. Happier people have larger prefrontal cortexes than other people. Practicing Yoga encourages changing your consciousness to promote positive thinking and self-affirmations.