Yoga for Osteoporosis

For anyone with a pre-existing condition, a slow pace in a gentle Yoga class are the way to go. Yoga for osteoporosis is a viable...

Modified Yoga Poses for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There are several Yoga poses that help to relieve nerve and joint compression thereby relieving pain and increasing flexibility. Yoga...

Yoga, Health and Menopause

Unlike so many other forms of exercise, Yoga is not demanding or competitive and can be practiced at one’s convenience. In Yoga, there...

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss: Standing Asanas

Yoga can be a wonderful tool for supporting you in your weight loss efforts. Many of the standing Yoga poses are very strengthening and vigorous. When you learn how to enter more deeply into the postures, in correct alignment, you will greatly increase the beneficial effects of the practice. Yogic standing postures increase balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.