thank you for your supportBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Thank you for your help with sharing our cause for quality family bonding time and the child-friendly Yoga app we are developing. We also thank you for the social sharing about “Tiki’s Yoga Journey” and your moral support for app development. Yoga and meditation are not just for adults; encouraging children to practice helps them develop valuable life skills. Meditation builds mind and body awareness, and children have more open minds. Yoga gives kids an early start in developing their sense of self-awareness.

One of the many benefits of Yoga and meditation is that children develop the ability to concentrate on new and different tasks. Many times, kids have high energy levels and are prone to be over active physically, when they should be learning and listening. Yoga teaches kids how to be still and gradually learn to focus. This skill helps them to use their minds, as well as their bodies, to engage with the environment.

All children have a creative side, and we should encourage them to find solutions in a world that needs innovation. The practices of Yoga and meditation encourage kids to nurture creativity and think creatively in problem solving. By meditating and focusing the mind, they discover new and alternative ways to answer different questions and find helpful solutions.

As a part of growing up, children start to gradually become more independent and rely less on parents and others. Yoga helps guide kids into being self-reliant. By realizing their inner potential, through stillness and calmness, kids become more confident when dealing with their lives.

Yoga promotes self-reliance and it also prepares children for handling stressful situations with a positive emotional response. Through self-awareness and stillness, kids grow to see negative situations differently. Meditation encourages them to form positive outlooks, by drawing on inner strength and alternative resources.

Yoga helps kids enjoy their physical activities more. Since children are required to be calm and still during the practice; this makes their time spent after practice more valuable to them. Additionally, with mind and body awareness, children learn how to engage their physical bodies in ways that benefit them.  This red