kids yoga appBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Tiki’s Yoga Journey” has been launched on Indiegogo. Why should anyone care about the development of a top-quality kids Yoga app? Within the past few years, we started to develop educational 3D videos specifically for Yoga teachers who wanted to develop creative flowing sequences. The resulting positive feedback and the video viewer numbers has led us to this point where we are currently developing a series of videos for families and children.

You may have read about “Tiki’s Yoga Journey” and wondered what our motivation is. The motive is simple, personal, and something most parents and teachers easily understand. Yoga has already changed the world for the best, but every family and child should have access to empowering knowledge. The end result is less violence, better prepared children, and stronger family bonds.

Tiki Performs Half Forward Bend by paul-jerard

What’s in This Kids Yoga App?

“Tiki’s Yoga Journey tells stories, taking children through a journey that has them enter yoga poses along the way. As a parent or Yoga instructor, you can choose to use Tiki’s Yoga Journey in your sessions.

You can also recommend Tiki’s Yoga Journey for families to use at home. You can incorporate imagination and technology into a child’s Yoga practice. Tiki’s Yoga Journey tells a story while children practice yoga. This constructively engages children’s imaginations while they exercise.

At this time, more inventions, books, technology and clean energy resources are springing forth than ever before. Yet, violence always makes the front page. It would be nice to wake up in the morning to good news making the headlines, but that’s not the way news works.

Meanwhile, innovative people and good causes still make progress every day. Inventors, filmmakers, artists, authors, and game app designers continue to create. We have teamed up with Indiegogo to make an app for positive social change. Our reason for reaching out through crowd funding is to proliferate Yoga worldwide and to give today’s children a boost that was not possible a generation ago.

How does Indiegogo Work?

We are giving perks (rewards) of equal value, bonuses, and full access to Tiki’s Yoga Journey, when it is released in the App Store. Therefore, any pledge that we receive through Indiegogo will be used for the development of this app.  Your pledge allows you to choose perks from several products or combinations, all are geared toward giving you the experience that works best for you – From personal packages to teacher packages.

At Aura Wellness Center, we are totally committed to this project. Production is ongoing, we are in the process of developing a prototype app and we are developing Tiki’s 3D animation Yoga sequences, until we are ready to launch Tiki’s Yoga Journey as an app. We also have long-term plans for Tiki’s Yoga Journey to be developed for Google Play after it is in the Apple Store. Additionally, we have plans to produce Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and Japanese versions of Tiki’s Yoga Journey.

Why are we Committed to This Kids Yoga App?

kids yoga appRaising global awareness about the life skills children gain from Yoga practice is our goal. Giving children emotional stability costs much less than repairing broken adults. One step forward toward character development will enhance a child’s life ten-fold. Children who participate in Yoga excel academically and athletically. Children become empowered enough to think beyond peer pressure. With that said, we want to give every child on the planet the tools for a better quality life through mental and emotional stability. Throughout my life, I have personally witnessed Yoga make a huge difference in the lives of students from toddlers to seniors.

Tiki’s Path as a Kids Yoga App

We expect to run into technical hurdles and we always find solutions. That is part of life, art, and app development. The team we have assembled is professional and experienced. At Aura Wellness Center, we provide Yoga education worldwide and we have a positive track record.

How You Can Help

We understand that some of you just can’t make a pledge, but we really appreciate you sharing Tiki’s story on your favorite social media networks.

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