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Why is Aura Wellness Center spending time developing a yoga app for children and families? The benefits of yoga have been enjoyed for thousands of years. Enthusiastic practitioners have shouted from rooftops far and wide for decades, yet only recently have schools begun to integrate yoga as an educational program. Once considered solely a self-beneficial mind-body-soul activity, the impacts for interrelationship bonding are now being explored, and that includes family time. Parents can now practice yoga with each other and their kids, ensuring that the whole family takes time for healthy activities, while also having fun together. In response to recent technological developments, taking these practices home has never been easier.

Why does Aura Wellness Center have a team creating a kid-friendly yoga app that the whole family will enjoy? Children are the inspiration for this idea! Children, with a good foundation under them, will be able to use the life skills they learn from practicing postures, relaxation techniques, and calm breathing methods. There is plenty of inspiration floating around in a yoga session that children participate in.

The bottom line for a kid and family-friendly yoga app is fun and flexibility. In order to keep a child’s attention, they must be mentally stimulated and enjoying themselves. Integrating colorful backgrounds, word and posture associations, and nature sounds or music, will make a fun game while gently stretching into each asana. “Tiki’s Yoga Journey” offers short lessons in easy-to-do sequences that can be practiced anywhere, from waiting for soccer practice, to homework breaks.

In our fast-paced world, learning how to take time to breathe and acknowledge our bodies has never been more important, and it’s crucial to get our kids on board as soon as possible. Not only will it open our children’s eyes to a world of health and fun, but it will also open the lines of communication between our children and us.

Yoga App For Kids And Families

Needless to say, yoga is one of the healthiest physical activities that anyone can participate in. However, a lot of people tend to assume that it is something that will only be beneficial for older and more mature people. This is not true. Yoga exercises can be helpful at almost any age. If you are old enough to run and jump, you are also old enough to stretch.

For youngsters, stretching is probably not something that they think to do. With that being said, once it is introduced to them, it should be fairly easy to get them to participate. Remember, keeping it basic is of the utmost importance. If you want to keep a kids attention, then you have to make it fun and easy to understand. Getting everyone to perform a movement together is a good way to do this.

What yoga exercises are best? I would recommend a basic flow or sun salutation. Not only are most of the movements very basic, but also a lot of them have fun names. Movements like Downward Dog and the Cobra will have kids laughing and trying their best to stretch as you do.

A quick tip: Instead of letting the kids know that the salutation is supposed to be in a specific order, just go through each exercise as if it was its own entity. This will make them more familiar with each individual movement, as well as not adding the stress of them feeling like they have something to remember.

Yoga is always good for you. It is especially good for someone who is still growing. Not only will regular stretching encourage growth, it will ensure good posture. In today’s society, where kids are forced to spend more time sitting around instead of playing, that is important. The most important thing is to have fun with it.

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