kids yoga appBy Faye Martins

Can creating a kids yoga app make a difference in reducing violence? Among Yoga teachers, schoolteachers, and parents, we have seen the positive changes that a steady practice can make. Children are focused, healthier, relaxed, athletic and less violent because of yoga practice.

Among the many benefits of yoga for children is its ability to help them concentrate on positive outcomes. Children learn how to attain goals and how to cope with their emotions as they grow. To help children, schools, families and the community, Aura Wellness Center is developing a child-friendly app called, “Tiki’s Yoga Journey.”

Tiki’s Yoga Journey allows parents and teachers to instill the idea that good health is fun. Being healthy does not have to be a chore or a miserable requirement. It can be the highlight of the day, and it can increase family bonding. Tiki’s Yoga Journey can improve family bonding by promoting fun and health in the family relationship.

This app was developed with Paul Jerard’s passion to bring 3D animation into training, as a learning tool for yoga teachers, and this resulted in creating a series of 3D videos about sequencing yoga poses. As a result, Paul has been assembling a team of creative 3D artists and app designers.

One of the most magical things about yoga is its ability to reduce the negativity in our world. The ultimate expression of negativity is violence. Unfortunately, violence is a big part of our modern world. Violence surrounds all of us at every turn and violence has been growing with time. Luckily, yoga has the ability to reduce violence in kids. Here is a look at the ways yoga will benefit children and help them to stay away from violent behavior.

Creating a Kids Yoga App as an Outlet for Energy

A common reason that kids engage in violent behavior is because they do not know how to properly channel all the energy that is constantly coursing through their bodies. If they cannot find a healthy way to express this energy, they will sometimes find destructive ways to channel it. Kids who engage in regular yoga practice will learn a healthy way to use their massive energy. They will learn how to make this energy a healing force that brings positive change to the world.

Learning to Breathe

It is easy for children to lose their tempers because most of them have not yet learned how to manage their emotions. When something happens to enrage them, they have a tendency to simply fly off the handle. This type of behavior will be curbed in kids who get to practice yoga. They will learn how they can control their bodies, thoughts and emotions, with yoga breathing patterns. When they learn how to be conscious of their breathing, they will suddenly have a tool they can use to control themselves, the next time something upsets them.

Reducing Bullying

yoga app for childrenBullying is one of the biggest problems facing our kids today. We have come to expect that every new mass shooter we hear about will have been the victim of bullying as a child. One of the best gifts we can give our children is to do everything we can to eliminate the threat of bullying from their lives. The mindfulness and kindness that come along with regular yoga practice can be a powerful tool to reduce bullying. Kids who engage in a regular yoga practice will be less likely to look for ways to bully other kids, either verbally or physically.

It may be a cliché, but the children really are our future. If we look for tools, like yoga, that help develop peaceful children, they will then be likely to grow up into adults who value peace as well. This can be a powerfully positive cycle that will continue to reduce violence as each successive generation becomes more committed to the values of peace and unity. I leave you with a wisdom quote:

“If we wish to create lasting peace, we must begin with the children.”

  • Mahatma Gandhi

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