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Creative energy often gets stuck and stagnated in the lower three chakras, as well as the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra. When our energy centers are constricted and blocked, the natural abundance of creative ideas is often blocked. For example, you may feel that you just can’t seem to get those creative wheels to turn. And if you do get the creative juices flowing, you may not be able to bring your creative endeavors into physical manifestation. The inability or lack of energy to complete a creative project is frequently connected to blocked energy channels in the body, which ultimately blocks the flow of energy on the physical plane.


There are a number of Yoga poses, breathing exercises and contemplative techniques that will help to fan the fires of creativity and give you the energy to bring your creative projects to completion. Back bending Yoga poses are profoundly effective at releasing unproductive holding patterns all along the front side of the body. We may not always think of tight quadriceps or a constricted Throat Chakra as problematic when we are initiating a creative project, but the creative energy needed to commence a project may be dulled or fizzled out by too much muscular tension and constriction all along the front of the body.

* Bow Pose

Bow Pose is one of the most effective Yoga asanas for releasing tension all along the front side of the body. Bow Pose profoundly releases tension in the quadriceps, hip flexors, abdominal region, Heart and Throat Chakras. As the stress and tension melts away, your body will be flushed with new energy and a sense of lightness and well-being. Back bending Yoga asanas, including Bow Pose, also provide a Yoga practitioner with a natural caffeine boost, because these poses flush toxins out of the adrenal glands and energize them with fresh blood and nutrients.


Before practicing Bow Pose, please warm up with a series of five to ten Sun Salutations. When you are adequately warmed up, come to a prone position on your Yoga mat, resting for a moment or two with one cheek on the mat. When you are ready, take a deep inhale, reach behind you and grasp your ankles. If your quadriceps are tight, you will feel an immediate stretch. Keep your knees slightly wider than hips’ distance apart and flex your feet. To increase the intensity of the pose, gently push your ankles against your hands as you gaze up toward your Ajna Chakra and raise your heart to the sky. Hold this pose for several complete breaths. For optimal benefit, repeat Bow Pose two more times.

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