how to become a certified yoga instructorBy Sangeetha Saran

The purpose of a Hatha Yoga teacher is to help teach students a creative and peaceful method to improve their lifestyle, mental health, spiritual growth and fitness. Since Yoga students may be learning for a myriad of reasons, it is important for instructors to understand this and be sensitive to the multitude of reasons people learn Yogic expression.

The very base of Yoga is to help improve overall health of body, mind and spirit through harmony. The very term comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “to add”, “to join”, or “to unite. The health benefits for people who learn Yoga techniques are many. It can be used for relaxation, flexibility, posture, strength and endurance building as well as improvement of body motor skills. The students learning these techniques can be both male and female and can be almost any age between 5 and 95 plus or minus. Because of this teachers need to be aware of the health limitations and possibilities of their students.


Since Yoga originated as part of a spiritual well-being focus, the component for spirituality is also an important part of the entire experience. Teachers of Yogic methods need to be cognizant of this aspect and its importance to students. The practices of Yoga can certainly take on a deeper meaning for many people and a good teacher is aware of this. A well-rounded teacher is mindful to nurture this aspect of his or her teachings as well as all the other components of these old and traditional rituals.

Many teachers acknowledge the use of Yogic methods for mental well-being. Among students it is widely acknowledged and important. Teachers should be aware of the calming and meditational properties involved in what they teach. For many students, this aspect is often vital part of why students continue to take these classes.


Additionally, it should be noted that the elderly as well as people who are recovering from health concerns will often practice Yoga techniques as part of their bodies overall health regiment and recovery. For the elderly, Yoga can be especially helpful to maintain body flexibility and as a way to exercise. For those who need gentle exercise and who are recovering from an injury, these gentle exercises can be especially important as a process of healing and gaining back posture, flexibility, body strength and motor skills.

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