yoga for flue preventionBy Sangeetha Saran

Could practicing yoga raise your resistance for flu prevention? It seems as if yoga training is being credited with preventing everything these days. Is there something to the therapeutic application of yoga for flu prevention? Let’s look deeper into the subject to see if there is something to the hype.

Flu prevention has become extremely important. Any time during the year can bring about illness for many. The flu is one of many sicknesses that have racked a number of households each year. Like many health issues, medical experts do not agree on all aspects related to flu prevention. While there are many that will go out and get a flu shot, there are some who argue against it, and there are others who are finding alternative methods to go about fighting this now common illness. There are a number of yogic methods out there that can help in not only relieving flu symptoms, but preventing the flu as well.


Prevention focuses on the fact that you have to have a healthy immune system. It is essentially what will help you to not get sick. Therefore, your immune system needs to be maintained and kept  in a healthy balance. Asana practice, the yogic diet, and pranayama practice are some of the yoga training methods that support a healthy immune system.

Certain asanas, concentrating on opening the chest and inversions of all kinds in which your feet will be placed higher than your head, are the types of asanas that can really help to stimulate your glands and keep lymph fluid moving throughout your body. This steady fluid is what keeps the body balanced as a whole.


Strange But True

One of the best yoga practices is to start off with a technique that uses an wide ace bandage. It is said that you should wrap the ace bandage around your head before you begin any of the poses. This is actually helps to keep the sinus area clear and also helps improve your breathing so that more oxygen can get into the body. Breathing is a large part of performing the poses correctly. You must be able to breathe properly to conduct each asana in the correct way.

Would Yoga Believe Meditation Helps?

Meditation is one of the key elements that are part of the yogic methodology. Through meditation, negative energy is purged from the mind, while the body can relax and allow all impurities to leave the body. The response is that the immune system is not just fighting off what problems may already be in the system (a virus or bacteria), but the is also increasing its productivity to help prevent new problems from forming. Meditation should be part of your practice every single day, regardless of doing other techniques. At the minimum, 10 minutes is about the average time that one’s meditation practice should be observed.


All of these elements can help with everyday problems, not just in flu prevention, but also for everyday life. Make these yoga training practices part of your daily routine to help ensure that your body gets a healthy boost to its immune system and you can get a dose of positive energy and physical balance.

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