yoga for a moment of calmBy Rachel Holmes

Peace, Serenity and Tranquility – The Benefits of Yogic Practices

Everyone needs a moment of calm. Yogic proficiency benefits the mind, body and spirit. As students advance, their lifestyles change. Asana practice captures the mind in a relaxed, disciplined set of physical exercises that refresh and revitalize the human spirit. Yoga is a path to training and empowering the spirit to greater levels of awareness. In the hustle and bustle of the everyday world, many individuals ignore or overlook the fact that their spirits require nourishment. Asana, meditation, pranayama, and mantra, establish a realm of peace, serenity, and tranquility, that achieves physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual goals, for happier living.


How Yogic Methods Heal

Students and practitioners have the ability to travel to a peaceful dimension in the performance of their daily asanas. This is first step in yoga healing. Yoga training methods remove mental baggage that burdens the spirit and body with unnecessary worry and unresolved issues. In the yoga state of mind, the practitioner develops a unique ability to view thoughts, which were formerly blocked or restricted by immediate issues.

In this dimension, yogic practices help to relieve the mind of stress. With the release of mental stress, the body reacts in kind by relaxing tense muscles. This helps prepare the entire body for the various exercises that coordinate with breathing patterns of inhaling and exhaling for maximum benefit. Asana, meditation, pranayama, and mantra, become simplified practices of revival and refreshment. Yogic methodology requires emphasis on concentration of the mind to accomplish the best results. Concentration based on the simple act of relaxing the mental state, without stress, provides the moment of calm sorely needed by many people.


The Benefits of Training 

Yoga is more than a means of attaining a brief moment of calm. It’s also a way of life. Often, students new to asana, meditation, pranayama, and mantra techniques, are drawn to this type of training for the benefit of healing the mind and body. As interns and students, they adapt effortlessly into full holistic lifestyles. Medical professionals encourage patients suffering from debilitating illnesses, or pain, to consider yoga for its healthful effects. Yogic exercise helps keep the body supple and limber for longer periods of time. It also increases mental clarity by expanding thought processes. Another important benefit is the lightening of the spirit. After a yoga training session, the mind is free to receive daily challenges with less fear and stress. The changes to an individual’s spirit through the practice of yoga, alters feelings of prevailing negativity and converts them into a positive energy wave.

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